Juusoukikou Dancougar Nova

TV (12 eps)
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In the 22nd century, many countries are at war with each other and the world itself is steeped in chaos. In the midst of the battlefield, a secret organization which holds the powerful Dancougar Nova protects the balance of power by protecting the weak and defeating the strong. Facing the battles to come are Dancougar Nova's four new pilots: a racer, a narcotics inspector, a salary man, and a homeless person. Together, they will endure endless battles; but can they uncover the true purpose of the Nova and the truth behind their employers before they succumb to the travesties of war?

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SirFuzzi's avatar
SirFuzzi Jun 15, 2011
Score 6/10

Preface Allow me to preface this by saying that, by and large, I am a mecha fan. When it comes to anime, it doesn't get better than robots hitting giant robots, and so most of what I watch is indeed mecha (and I seldom stray out from that). Thus, when I'm using the words 'comparatively,' or 'relatively,' or 'like others,' or anything of that ilk-- you have to understand that this is 99% relating to mecha... read more

roriconfan's avatar
roriconfan May 1, 2012
Score 6/10

This series is a remake of an older series with the same name. Beyond some similarities to the way the mechas and the characters look, there are practically no ties between them. Which is a good thing since the original was quite long and boring. Both a tribute and a parody to the old style mecha shows, such as Getta 3 and Voltes V, the remake is improved in all sections and provides up-to-date entertainment... read more

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