Juushin Enbu: Hero Tales

Alt titles: Hero Tales

TV (26 eps)
3.182 out of 5 from 1,892 votes
Rank #2,646

There are seven stars of destiny in the sky, each one linked to one of the seven great champions. Of these stars, Tonrou, the North Star, and Hagun, the South star, shine brightest. Those who are marked with these opposing stars are destined to fight each other to the end. The remaining five strive to prevent the chaos that would come from a battle between the Hagun and Tonrou. Keirou, the ambitious general of the imperial army is the Tonrou, and he will stop at nothing in his conquests until all falls before him. Taitou, a carefree swordsman is the Hagun, and he remains unaware of his destiny until Keirou invades his town. In the aftermath of the destruction, Taitou accompanied by his sister Laila and the fellow star-marked Ryuukou set forth waiting and training for the day they face Keirou again.

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roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Jul 11, 2012
Score: 3/10

Hero Tales is a shounen series with a nice premise but a very faulty presentation. And here is what I mean.

1) The characters all look like clones from Full Metal Alchemist (well, same people drew them I guess). As flattering as that sounds, it raises the bar a lot when it comes to comparing the two shows and this anime falls short by miles. The characters lack substance and are totally mediocre to the... read more

theSentinel's avatar by theSentinel on Jun 11, 2013
Score: 9/10

This anime was so much better than it was given credit for.  Hopefully I can explain why to you in this review.   Story:  The story was great!  It was solid the entire time.  It was exactly what I tried to be and nothing more nothing less.  Truly enjoyable.  Now some people might not like how basically all of this was "written in the stars" right from the... read more

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