Junjou Romantica



Larkawolfgirl's avatar By Larkawolfgirl on Jan 31, 2010

This show is totally the best Shouen-ai show. It has great characters that you have to love. You really want them to be happy and the world just keeps getting in their way. Even if you don't like boy-on-boy if you give this a chance you end up changing your mind because this shows pulls at your heart and will make you believe in love and destiny. It shows you that even if you loss someone you loved there is always someone else who may come alone who you can find happiness with. It also shows that even if things seem to fall apart or have no structure everything does come into place and happen for a reason. This show is very addicting and you will be caring about the characters constantly. Each character is totally unique to the others on the show but they all have a tie into each other showing that what you do can effect others. Anyway I think this show was amazing and is really worth the watch! 

10/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
lalalollipop's avatar By lalalollipop on Jun 13, 2010

I LOVED Junjou Romantica.It was a really well done story.There was a lot of romance which I loved the most and the characters were sweet and gentle.My fav couple was Usagi and Misaki.I didn't really look forward to the others but I still liked their story lines.They were also all good looking and that's what I usually look for.I don't like when other animes like this one put a beautiful boy with a not so beautiful boy.Overall I LOVE this anime.I've watched it numerous times over and over again because it's so good.If you watch  it and want a season 3 look in one of my blogs that has a link to a petition.Watch this anime!!! XD

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
Vejhed's avatar By Vejhed on Mar 8, 2010

Junjou Romantica... Ah, how can one describe a peice of work that is so perfectly horrid, yet disgustingly satisfying? Well, let me put it this way; the whole thing is utterly ridiculous. At every turn there's an 18-year-old boy crying, an intense deep-voiced man pinning some helpless college student to the wall or ground, an obnoxious shout of 'baka' followed immediately by the slamming of a door, student/teacher crushes, awkward silences, boy's love novelists, stoic smokers and coffee drinkers who happen to like giant teddy bears, and more! Better yet, it seems that every single male character is gay and horny for some other male character who is also gay and horny!

Sounds like a complete puke-fest, no? Well the surprising part is, once you get past the vomit-inducing lame-itude, it's actually kind of entertaining. It's like Gravitation, only with more sex (and no pink hair). Seriously, on more than one occasion I found myself thinking 'Omg! That is totally Yuuki!' or something similarly fangirlish (especially since there actually is a romance novelist).

That said, I feel I must move on to the actual plot. Oh, wait- there is no plot! Silly me to have forgotten! Basically it's a collection of short-stories. There are three couples, none of whom ever actually meet eachother, which is surprising since the characters act so much alike you might think they were clones of eachother. Come to think of it, maybe this is actually a mindf*ck scifi where the government, or even better, aliens are trying to take over Japan with an army of gay men... or something. -_-'

Anyway, that leads me into characters and their developement, which is nonexistent. Well, maybe I shouldn't be so harsh. Towards the very end one of the main characters, Misaki (my favorite) actually does seem to... well I wouldn't say 'grow up' really, but he does come to some sort of a conclusion in his mind that shows his character has at least some dimension to speak of (maybe that of a pancake), but other than that, the characters are like paper; completely lifeless, stereotypical and unmemorable to the point that I can't even remember their names.

However, one good thing I can say is that the characters are pretty, which is probably one of the only redeeming factors of this anime. The art is roughly at the same level as that of Loveless. The animation, however is a different story. It's not quite as smooth as it probably should be, but not to the point that it's distracting or eerie. It works. Especially on the funny parts. I actually found myself laughing out loud. Audibly. That is more than I expected to happen.

So basically, to wrap it all up, yes this anime is completely terrible, but also, it's fun to watch, especially for the shonen-ai/yaoi fangirl (which is probably why I gave it a high score that it does not deserve), and unless you're homophobic, you probably won't be disappointed for watching it. 

6/10 story
8/10 animation
?/10 sound
6/10 characters
8/10 overall
deideiblueeyez's avatar By deideiblueeyez on Aug 25, 2010

I like reading yaoi fanfiction than yaoi manga or watching yaoi anime, but I'll give you my honest review.

STORY: 5/10

Honestly, was it really that neccessary to split up the "season" into 3 different stories? I mean, with my short attention span (and many kids these days becoming more easily distracted than ever before) it's hard to focus on anime nowadays because it sucks so much, but when I'm finally getting into it, it changes to another story. That ticked me off. I hate multiple stories like that, I just hate it. But to each his own. The plot was a little weak, but die-hard yaoi fangirls and fanguys will not care because of the suggestive moments shared between the characters. The only question I have is: Why is it rated 13+ on Animefreak.tv? Do they really air this on TV in Japan? o.o

I noticed that you could still see the outline of the eyes even when they were covered by bangs of hair. Kind of distracting in my opinion, but overall it was well-detailed and nicely colored.

SOUND: 3.5/10

 The intro song was bland, it sounded like what I'm hearing over here in the USA every single day on the Top 40 hits, very unrememberable song or tune or anything.


The characters had their little quirks, and there were the dominant semes and the denying-their-love-for-their-big-strong-man-ukes, and the latter blushed a lot like they're always supposed to do. I found Usami (Usagi-san) to be charming, with his fondness of baby toys, and his love of the large teddy bear Suzuki-san :3

Overall: 5/10

If you want to watch a yaoi/shonen-ai anime with little plot and some good I-love-you-why-don't-you-admit-you-love-me-back moments and a 3-stories-in-one season thing, then this is your anime.

5/10 story
5.5/10 animation
3.5/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall
VivisQueen's avatar By VivisQueen on Sep 13, 2008


The mind boggles - by all accounts and purposes, Junjou Romantica looks and smells like one of the worst anime ever. It's clogged with clichés and nothing really happens except for three random couples falling in love, confusing each other about how they feel, and then having off-camera sex to make up for it. Heck, other than to fill more episodes, I can't even see the point of presenting three couples in stead of just one since every story runs along the same formulaic lines. In the end, having nothing fresh to provide, Junjou Romantica boils down to being mediocre at best...

... and yet, at the same time, it's embarrassingly entertaining. Every scene may be as predictable as instant gravy, but a certain self-effacing quality to the comedy means the entire product comes across far more endearing than it deserves to be. At its best, the story will follow Misaki's comical dilemma as he alternates from loved-up moping to exploding with spastic facial expressions. Besides that, the conflicts and misunderstandings (as corny as they are) still manage to tug at the heartstrings on occasion. In particular, Miyagi's characterisation during the concluding arc goes a long way to give Junjou Romantica an emotionally satisfying finale.

I guess some anime are just made to confuse the critical mind; while Junjou Romantica may be far from substantial, it has still done its job of leaving me with a smile on my face.


Overall, the animation looks pretty, with the backgrounds utilising appealing pastel colours and lots of soft focus to give that dreamy romantic feeling. The disappointment lies in the boring and sometimes ugly bishounen designs, and the static movements. However, to be fair to Junjou Romantica, its visuals are as good or as bad as that of the vast majority of romantic comedies of the same era.


While not necessarily impressive, the opening and closing themes are satisfyingly catchy. Alas, the rest of the score is a lot like background traffic - you probably wouldn't notice it even if it was gone.

Where the voice actors are concerned, everyone appears competent enough to make something believable out of the hackneyed script; however, the best vocal performance easily belongs to Misaki, who brings some fantastic comedic moments to the table.


I must say that these characters are growers; although I wasn't impressed by them at the beginning, I now remember them with fondness. Whilst stoic in the extreme, Usami deserves some basic respect because of his genuine affection for Misaki, and Misaki himself turns out to be more endearing than annoying. That said, the overall shallowness of the cast means they will only be remembered for as long as it takes the next romantic comedy to come and sweep me off my feet. I say this with good reason:

Most of the protagonists lack the common sense that they were born with. Seven episodes in, after lots of hand jobs and heavy breathing, they will still utter mindboggling denials like ‘It's weird for a guy to be with another guy!' Not to mention that the lovers almost never approach their relationships maturely; in stead of talking things through, they communicate by cutting across each other's sentences, making long, languid glances down the soft focus lens, and, when all else fails, resorting to sexual assault.

For those hoping to satisfy their cravings for bishies, Junjou Romantica only brings disappointment. None of them have anything fresh to add to the already stagnant bishounen gene pool - each couple is comprised of a petite, doe-eyed virgin and an obscenely tall masculine aggressor. Again, the Miyagi-Shinobu pairing at the end is probably as good as it gets; not only is their romance believably tense, but Miyagi's ironic sense of humour and tragic background strikes a decent balance of pathos and wit.

6/10 story
6.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
5.5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall