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Junjou Romantica

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Misaki Takahashi has little hope of getting into a university, so his older brother Takahiro's friend, Usami Akihiko, offers to tutor Misaki as a favor to Takahiro - for Usami is secretly in love with him. However, as time passes Misaki realizes that he has uncomfortable and budding feelings for Usami. Meanwhile, Hiroki is a man who can't get over an unrequited love with Usami in the past - and with the help of Nowaki, he may finally learn to love again. These couples and more experience the joys and sadness of love between men under the most unlikely conditions.

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Junjou Romantica 2 TV 2008 Sequel
Junjou Romantica OVA OVA 2012 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Junjou Romantica 2002 Original Manga
Junjou Mistake 2008 TBD
Name Role
Yoko KIKUCHI Character Design
Chiaki KON Director
Shungiku NAKAMURA Original Manga Creator

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Junjou Romantica VivisQueen 6.5/10 Sep 13, 2008

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Junjou Romantica tennis101101 9.5/10 Dec 5, 2013
Junjou Romantica sweet92590 10/10 Jun 30, 2013
Junjou Romantica IvyN 8/10 Jun 27, 2013
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Gray GrayQueen 109 Mar 25, 2014
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Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi TV

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi TV

When Ritsu was in high school, he fell in love with a boy who broke his heart, changing his view of love forever. Now a jaded adult, Ritsu has just transferred to the Marukawa Shoten company in hopes of publishing literature, only to be told that he'll be working in the shoujo manga division instead. What's worse, his boss is brash, rude and seems to have an interest in him! However, the biggest surprise is yet to come for Ritsu, as he soon discovers that his boss is none other than his lover of his past!

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Same author, same gender (yaoi), not to mention characters from Junjou Romantica showing in Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. If you love JR, then you'll definitely love Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi - both cover love between men in their 20s, both were created by same studio and both will make a yaoi fan scream in ecstasy due to wide range of bishounens to choose from.


Both are shounen-ai (boys love). Both from the same author. Also, the atmosphere is quite similar, since it also deals with some couples that are related to each other.


Both of these are shounen-ai anime, that include very similar characters. This is supported by the fact that the art style is so similar in both of them since they are by the same mangaka.

These are both great shounen-ai anime that anyone will love!


I think it would be almost impossible to like one of these shows and not the other. They're by the same author and are produced by the same studio/team. As such, they have a similar look and feel and similar characters. Both are sweet & funny comedy-romances involving several couples whose stories are loosely connected. If you like one check out the other!


Both have a story line featureing 3 different couples, who are some how connected to eac other in a certain way. And both of the main couples in Junjou Romantica and Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi has the younger partner that nevers admits to his true feeling toward the other. And of course there both shounen ai. :)


Both animes are from the same author. Both anime are linked with manga and book writing. Both of them are shounen ai. And both of them have 3 couples apearing in it. Both of them are really cute and touching =^-^= If you liked Junjou ROmantica, you will love Sekai ichi Hatsukoi :)))))


Both of these are shonen-ai animes and they emit similiar atmosphere when watching. Many of the pairings are based off of each other and the characters personalities are quite the same.

One thing I found different between the both of them was Junjo Romantica was quite slow in the beginning. It took me a while to get used to the plot. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi was a little bit easier to catch on in the beginning.

That's all I have to say but if you like one of them, denfinitely try the other one!


Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi and Junjou Romantica is BoyXboy in they both make you simle. They both have sweet moments and sad ones i love them both and if you watch them i hopr you will to :D


FOR SURE hands down if you liked one of these Animes you will for sure like(love) the other! It has the same character design, same conflicts same humor. Of course it has different stories for the character but its pretty much the same. But MAN are they both amazing and you will definietly NOT be disappointed! I highly suggest watching them both. ^_^b


Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi is almost a mirror to Junjou Romantica, being set in the same universe (There is a brief mention of Usagi-san's work in one episode). They're also by the same author.

This focuses more on the manga industry, rather than university life and teenage boys hopelessly attracted to men far older than themselves. Like Junjou Romantica, there are 3 love stories going on at the same time.

There's also a lot less sex in this series, which is quite refreshing. They toned this down a little from the manga, but the pacing of "ILOVEYOULET'SHAVESEX" is much slower in Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. So yeah, if you liked Junjou Romantica, there is no reason you wouldn't like this.


This is very similar and they coincide with one another with the publishing company that is in both animes. It is a very good anime, very cute  and the plot is very well done


The animation and the way the characters are drawn are pretty much the same plus the stories give the same vibe.


Both animes are made by the same mangaka, but don't get them mixed up! They are different from each other, but also very much alike. The same character style is used and the way of telling the story is also much alike. Both animes tells very sweet stories and is a must watch for every yaoi-fan!


Both shows are pretty much the same but I enjoyed Junjou Romantica much more than Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. If you are interested in boys love and the drama that surrounds the characters these 2 titles are a perfect match.


Both of these take usual the shoujo-romance genre and give it a shounen-ai twist. The characters are very similar in appearance (having the same author) and the atmospheres are identical. If you liked one, you'll like the other. 


both have that same aspect in which the main character is skeptical about being in love with a man in the beginning and don't want to admit their love, the personalities of the main protagonists in each relationship in these animes are quite simular as well as the chemistry and relationship between the two so if you like on anime you will definitely like the other


Coming from the same producers, both animes are really similar. The style and characters are almost the same. Both follow multiple storylines, in times being lough out loud funny and yet, touching.


Both are yaoi anime. Both focus on three different characters in different situations. Both have the same kind of feeling.


These series are very similar. The world in which these exist is the same, and there is a degree of character overlap.


Good anime if you like Shounen-ai. Both of them tell various stories about different couples which are somehow connected or related to the main characters who are in love with each other. Also they have the same creator so you get the same feeling after watching them.


If you like Seai-ichi Hatsukoi you will like Junjou Romantica because they are both cute yaois, and are written by the same author so they both have the same fell. They both have three couples and there is a lot of humor. They are both great and if you like one you will prbably like the other.


The characters are quite alike. If you listen hard enough you will realize they mention Usagi-san in episode six. Supposely the main chsrster with the green eyes use to be Usagi's editor.... or something like that. When i first watched Sekai-ichi I thought "that dude sure looks like Misaki," only to find out the same authors wrote and drew this story. You cant like Junjou and not like this.


Two BL series with similar art and atmospheres, the characters are also similar. The wide-eyed ukes display similar reluctance to enter into a relationship, while the manlier semes display a similar bent for teasing them and being jealous.


Both of the series include romance between men and also, mixture of different couples, they don't just focuse on one for the whole time. Plot is developing quite quickly in both, but that is expected from a something that short. It is entertaining and fun to watch. If you like one you can't go wrong with the other, they are really can be quite similar, from character design down to the cudly plushies.


As was stated before, the same manga-ka did both series & several times in the manga & animes; characters from the 2 series cross over. Watching Junjou Romantica first helps the viewer notice the different characters who past thru Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. :D


Made by the same person.

Similar approach to story and art style.

Basically the same show with different characters.


If you liked either one of these animes you will like the other one to. They almost have a similar plot line to them. They also have the same conflicts between the main characters. Where both of the main characters like each other but are to afriad to admit it and then other people start trying to get in there way to stop them form liking each other. So once again if you liked either one of these animes you will so like the other one. 

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As a member of a musical duo on the verge of making it into show business, Shindou Shuichi has a lot on his mind -- especially since he writes the songs for his Bad Luck band. His life gets no less hectic when he bumps into Yuki Eiri, a successful yet cynical author extraordinaire, who immediately insults Shuichi’s lyrics upon reading them. Seeking him out to demand an apology, Shuichi nevertheless sees other facets of Eiri’s personality. Can he accept the fact that he might be developing feelings for the novelist who discredited his work on their first meeting?

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I know it may seem cliche to recommend Gravitation for other shounen-ai anime, but the two really do fit well together as far as the characters are concerned. Each has a weak, whiny lead and a dominant man who ends up taking control. If you liked one, try out the other.


For fans of zany comedy, cute situations and doses of shounen-ai, Gravitation and Junjou Romantica are a perfect match. Both employ the typical seme/uke duality in the traditional way that the genre is known for. With this said, Gravitation is hardly as racy and Junjou Romantica but they clearly appeal to the same audience.


Gravitation and Junjou Romantica are both shounen-ai stories, fluffy and cuddly and overall nice (Junjou Romantica will not get more "daring" than the present episodes present). There are small storms in the lovers' heaven but all is well that ends well. Cute charas, good episodes plots, close relation to the respective mangas.

Anyone who liked Gravitation might well fall for Junjou Romantica, and the reverse.


All the male loving you could possibly want and a decent story to go along with it. What makes Gravitation and Junjou Romantica good is that instead of focuses on the formation of relationships, they prefer showing you what happens when they've been established. Their similiar artistic and sometimes childish attitude creates series that you should be easily able to enjoy.


Both animes will give you that laugh out loud moment but are also coupled with the definite 'awww!' factor, as well as sharing highly strung angst to boot. Top it off with a handful of sexy guys falling in love and who could ask for more?


If you enjoyed watching the devloping relationship between the two men in either Gravitation or Junjou Romantica then it is worth checking out the other. Both series have a reasonable dose of romance as well as a good amount of comedy mixed in.


Basically both have the cute seme/uke stereotype of yaoi/shounen ai, a fangirl's dream ^ ^ Not to mention the passion that you can feel between the characters, and Usami san is definitely like a much more willing Yuki both writers both are just perfect seme!


Gravitation is a very cute anime with alot of humor. It is very fun and not as "naughty" as Junjo Romantica



Ritsuka has nowhere to run or hide. He lost his memories and his mother’s loving support, and then his brother -- his sole defender -- was brutally murdered. He is entirely alone until Soubi appears, saying the words he most wants to hear, but refuses to believe: “I love you and will do anything for you.” Flung into a world of intrigue and magic, where bonded pairs battle and only Soubi can fight for him, he struggles to find his brother’s killer. Yet he must also face the most bitter question of all: if you can't remember who you were, does that mean you don't know who you are?

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While Loveless is not as perverted as Junjou Romantica both are good shonen ai shows that anyone who like this type of thing should watch. And both have a cool 'seme' type character who likes to 'molest' the uke. So if you like one you'll deffiantly want to see the other.


I see very similar art styles. While one is about realistic modern times and the other futuristic fantasy. They both have very appealling BL plots that will turn you into a fan. Even if the idea of BL never attracted you. I found that the music was wonderful,a nice balance of comedy and drama, and the love scenes are tastefully done.

I would reccomend to any shonnen-ai fan.


Both of these shows are an absolute MUST for fans of shounen-ai. The story lines couldn't be any more different, Loveless being firmly rooted in fantasy with Junjou leaning more towards slice of life. However, I make this recommendation because I know fellow fangirls will absolutely love the stereotypical bishies featured in both shows. The innocent, naive and younger character being seduced by the older, good looking and forceful role model.

Although the themes are very different, I think people who enjoy the relationships in one show will fall for the cast in the other.


Misaki looks alot like Ritsuka, they act the same, and both meet a 'friend' of their brother, who they become to love.


In both Junjou Romantica and Loveless there is a somewhat reluctant young boy who is being harassed and seduced by an older male. Over time, in both shows, the younger boy gradually returns the older one's affections.



Chisato Takatsukasa would like to think he's a normal concerned parent. His attractive son, Riju, has many male friends and Chisato is certain that they all want nothing more than to take advantage of him - and thus he concocts schemes to scare away each and every one of them. However, there's one man who doesn't seem to get the hint: Shunsuke Sakaki, Riju's best friend who is secretly in love with Chisato. Through a series of encounters Chisato comes to realize he has feelings for Shunsuke as well, but what about Riju and his feelings?

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Junjou Romantica and Kirepapa have similar character stereotypes: one man is the relatively weak, unaccepting of his feelings sort of guy, while the other is the dominant and forceful type who pushes his way onto the body of the other. It goes without saying that both are shounen-ai anime, as well.


Kirepapa and Junjou Romantica are a perfect match in every single way. Both are modern shounen-ai anime with similar character interactions that explore the dynamics so particular to the genre. A dose of humour and some drama make them even more akin as does the smooth, clean and bright artwork.


If you liked the comedy and the relationship between an older man and younger boy, in either Kirepapa or Junjou Romantica then you may well like the other. While there is much more hesistation and angst in Junjou, both have a similar feel to them.


The biggest and most obvious similarity between Junjou Romantica and Kirepapa would be that they both center around the relationship of two males; one being a teenage student and the other a grown adult. Junjou Romantica is much longer and more fullfilling, but they both include strong drama, intimate situations, and similar humor. If you're interested in one, give the other a try. 

Okane ga Nai!

Okane ga Nai!

Struggling with heavy gambling debts, Tetsuo Ishii comes up with a harebrained idea to sell his student cousin in an auction. Offering an unprecedented 1.2 billion yen, the highest bidder is Kanou - a successful company president. It seems that he has an ulterior motive for buying the innocent and naive Ayase, using the debt to keep the jobless student by his side. What does Kanou want from the beautiful Ayase? Does it go beyond offering him 500,000 yen a night for his body?

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When it comes to Okane ga Nai, romance and comedy seems to go hand in hand. These awkward situations can also be seen in a similar series known as Junjou Romantica. Based on three different yaoi couples and their struggles...In more ways then one.

If you liked Okane or Junjou, then you'll surely enjoy the other as well. ^^


Both junjou romantica as okane ga nai go about a young boy and an older men that have a relationship. The humour and problems are very similair in both series. It's also nice to see the young boys do everything to avoid the older men, claiming they don't like them.


If seeing a young boy put into a questionable situation by an older man, and then seduced is your kind of thing, then I can highly recommend both of these shows to you. Blurring the line between shounen-ai and yaoi, there is a lot more sexual implication in both Junjou and Okane.

Fans of the more hardcore manlove will definitely revel and love both of these shows.