Jungle De Ikou!

OVA (3 eps)
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For Natsumi, life was normal -- until her archaeologist father returned from his trip to New Guinea! What she wanted was a pretty souvenir, but what she got was an artifact containing the spirit of the "evil" god Ongo -- who she accidentally released! In her dreams, according to the well endowed god Ahem, the sprite-like god can be stopped using the powers of the flower spirit Mii. To receive these powers, Natsumi must simply… dance orgasmically?! Now, with the mischievous Ongo loose and old friends of the gods showing up out of nowhere, what’s a girl to do except save the day?

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elvenc Nov 12, 2014
Score 3/10

Jungle de Ikou is a a very generic Ecchi story that involves the obvious panty shots, a crazy character, the innocent girl and a villan. The story itself is at least somewhat original even if the characters are not and the animation is nothing special. The story revolves around a youg girl named Natsumi who's archeologist father has returned from an archeological dig in New Guinea he was on. From that dig he... read more



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