Jubei-chan 2

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Following the events of the first television series, Jiyu Nanohana was happy; her days as Jubei Yagyu the 2nd were over, and she finally felt she could live a normal life again. However, when a clan of samurai calling themselves the Siberian Yagyu want revenge on Yagyu Jubei for their banishment to Siberia 300 years ago, once again young Jiyu is forced to take up the sword as the re-incarnation of the legendary swordsman.

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FotacienShado Feb 11, 2013
Score 4/10

The BEST thing about this series (and in a way about the first installment) is the theme music, truly marvelous. It is possible to watch this series without the first, which in a way is more recommendable, sometimes the plot line diverts into a character driven situational irony, and that seems to be kind of annoying as you go along. I can recommend this is you like cardcaptors and sailor moon but with a ninja... read more

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