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Alt titles: Girl's High, High School Girls

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2.583 out of 5 from 2,500 votes
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A Japanese high school can be a strange place – or so it’s been told. However, as critical thinking is not the strong point of our freshman heroine Eriko, even the most outrageous stories are likely to come true. Going through the motions of high school life with a flair and panache that can only be gawked at, Eriko and her old and new friends set a new (low) standard for the typical coming of age drama. Cry with them as they fight adversity and learn the importance of trust and friendship in this cruel, cruel world; laugh with them during the incomparable happiness of the seemingly never-ending springtime of youth; and finally, laugh AT them, when they constantly manage to show their panties in public!

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Joshikousei Specials DVD Special 2006 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
High School Girls 2001 Original Manga
Joshikousei Girls-Live 2010 TBD
Name Role
Seiji KISHIMOTO Character Design
Yoshitaka FUJIMOTO Director
Towa OSHIMA Original Manga Creator

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Title Author Score Date
Joshikousei jonsonicu64 7/10 Jun 29, 2011
Girl's High jonsonicu64 7/10 Jun 29, 2011
High School Girls jonsonicu64 7/10 Jun 29, 2011
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List of Incomplete Series mottscurry 13 Apr 19, 2014
anime order every 10th round YamiRin 1180 Jan 20, 2014
A KevPr 71 Dec 14, 2013
jojovonjo watched Joshikousei at 12 of 12 episodes
DerekL is watching Joshikousei anime at 3 of 12 episodes
sakashi watched Joshikousei at 12 of 12 episodes
Ryuzaki12 wants to watch Joshikousei
Saeryin watched Joshikousei at 12 of 12 episodes

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Strawberry Panic

Strawberry Panic

On Astraea Hill stand 3 prestigious female-only academies known as St. Miatre, Spica, and LeRim; and though the schools are separate, they share a single campus and dormitory. Nagisa Aoi is a 10th grader who has decided to transfer to St. Miatre's Girls' Academy. Though her transition has been smooth so far, while exploring the campus Aoi inadvertently falls down a hill, sees the beautiful Shimuza, and promptly (not to mention embarrassingly) faints. Nagisa continues to see Shimuza out and about, but soon discovers that she is the "Etoile" -- a well respected girl within all of the schools. With Shizuma taking a liking to the new transfer student Nagisa, secrets of Shizuma's past will unravel over the coming school year.

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Ecchi is prevalent throughout both series and there are a great deal of lessons the characters must learn. Strawberry Panic does involve only girl/girl action, however, both series are about a group of girls just trying to make it through their high school lives while learning important lessons along the way. High School Girls is more of a comedy-based series whereas Strawberry Panic tends to be more serious in nature.