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Jormungand: Perfect Order

Jormungand: Perfect Order main image more screenshots
4.377 out of 5 from 2,942 votes
Rank #154

User Stats - Watching

Username Status Eps Rating
1602 Watching 12   4.5 star rating
1r3n3i7z8i Watching     1 star rating
2214 Watching 12   4.5 star rating
aassaadd Watching     not rated
abyss Watching 1   2.5 star rating
Accel Watching 7   not rated
AdamSSenniN Watching 1   not rated
Adasiek Watching 2   4 star rating
Adizx Watching 1   not rated
adrhodes Watching     not rated
Agunesu Watching     not rated
Aisutejina Watching     not rated
Akade Watching     not rated
AkaikeM Watching 4   not rated
akka Watching 2   not rated
akura1190 Watching 2   not rated
alam Watching     4 star rating
Allistter Watching 5   4.5 star rating
alph4om3ga Watching 4   not rated
Aluminesis Watching 6   not rated
AngelLexi Watching 9   not rated
AnimeFan666 Watching     not rated
AnimeWeirdo Watching 3   not rated
Antifreeze Watching 7   not rated
anzem Watching 3   2 star rating
aoikishu Watching 2   not rated
Archemetes Watching     not rated
Architeuthisx88 Watching     not rated
Argyreas Watching     4.5 star rating
Arindam99 Watching     not rated
artard4560 Watching 12   not rated
aryalock Watching     4.5 star rating
Ashnojutsu Watching 2   4 star rating
Ashurum Watching 1   not rated
Asseley Watching 6   5 star rating
AsukaLangleyS Watching 4   not rated
Asumuel Watching 2   not rated
atsuii495scarlet Watching 7   not rated
Aureliusfaust Watching     4 star rating
AzuraMeta Watching 11   4.5 star rating
azurewolf Watching     not rated
Bahamuto Watching 5   not rated
Bamanga Watching 3   not rated
bayarkhuu Watching 12   4 star rating
Bersicker Watching 1   not rated
Bigleone Watching 4   not rated
Bigwulf Watching     4 star rating
bilalasif Watching 10   not rated
bitfault Watching 6   5 star rating
BlackDune Watching 1   not rated