JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2000)

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Saiyuki Reload

Saiyuki Reload

In a world where humans and demons can no longer coexist, powerful demons attempt to revive one of the greatest demons of all time: Gyuumaou. Priest Genjyo Sanzo is charged with the task of thwarting Gyuumaou's revival, along with the powerful demons Son Goku, Sha Gojyo and Cho Hakkai. The Sanzo Party must combine their powers and work as a team in order to reach India and stop the revival, but many demons will stand in their way including Kougaiji, Gyuumaou's son.

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MugiwaraMarius MugiwaraMarius says...

This may seem like an odd pairing but the reason I think Saiyuki Reload and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure are similar is the way the fights play out. The fight big fight scenes are more slow paced and feature a lot of grandstanding and dialogue between attacks. During the fights alot of time is spent on the characters thoughts as they try to workout their stratedy. Now this might make the fights sound boring but I think it helps to build tension and can be interesting in small doses.