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In the year 1988 Jinki model enthusiast Aoba Tsuzaki is kidnapped and brought to Venezuela, and soon discovers that not only are Jinkis real, but that she will also become a Jinki pilot. Fast forward to the year 1991, and a series of unexplained events known as the Lost Life Phenomenon has been wiping entire cities out of existence. Enter Akao Hiragi, a young girl who has lost her memory and also has a strange tie to the Jinkis. Combined, Aoba and Akao have a common enemy: the evil Kokushou, a man who is hell bent on destroying the world!

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sothis Aug 11, 2006
Score 3/10

Ahh, mecha. Like Evangelion and a variety of others before it, the quintessential robot anime has been a staple in every anime fan’s viewing history. With glorious fight sequences, colorful machinery and a variety of angst-filled characters, there’s a lot going for the mecha genre; that is, if the concept hasn’t been done a zillion times already. Unfortunately for Jinki:Extend, not only does... read more

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chii Oct 5, 2009
Score 6/10

ummmmmmmm. Eva or FMP anyone LOL ok well it was an alright watch. None of the characters really stood out. It was just one big mess of them really. Music sucked. I hated the intro and the ending songs. The animation was absolutely nothing special. Paper hair! The mecha's looked pretty cool but that's as close as I'm going to get to a compliment about the art. I did enjoy the story. It wasn't anything... read more

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