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Jigoku Shoujo

Alt titles: Hell Girl

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3.767 out of 5 from 11,237 votes
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Has someone done something to hurt you or the ones you love? Are you seeking revenge? Rumor has it that there’s a website that can service your needs. Titled “Hotline to Hell”, it contains a form that can be accessed only at midnight. Type in a name, and the Hell Girl will carry out your bidding – for a price. For though your appetite for revenge will be satisfied, your soul will also be condemned to hell after you die. But who is the Hell Girl, and does she care whether your revenge is justified? Apparently not, as long as she gets more souls…

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori TV 2006 Sequel
Jigoku Shoujo: Mitsuganae TV 2008 Same Franchise

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Hell Girl 2005 TBD
Jigoku Shoujo R 2009 TBD
Name Role
Mariko OKA Character Design
Takahiro OMORI Director
Yasuharu TAKANASHI Music
Hiromi MIZUTANI Music
Miyuki ETOO Original Manga Creator
Ai ABE Producer
Norihiro HAYASHIDA Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Jigoku Shoujo vivafruit 4.5/10 Mar 28, 2007
Hell Girl vivafruit 4.5/10 Mar 28, 2007

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Title Author Score Date
Jigoku Shoujo CarteNoir 9/10 Jul 28, 2012
Hell Girl CarteNoir 9/10 Jul 28, 2012
Jigoku Shoujo roriconfan 5.5/10 Jul 11, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
Good Dubs Kruszer 203 Apr 9, 2014
Anime Club Fall 2013 Halloween SonicFan3 8 Mar 27, 2014
Queued To Watch keiniwa 35 Mar 11, 2014

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Death Note

Death Note

Have you ever felt like the world would be a better place if certain people weren’t around? Such grim daydreams might occur when watching the dismal daily news, but on one fateful day, Light Yagami finds that these daydreams can become reality. By pure happenstance, he comes across a black notebook entitled "Death Note", whose text within states that whoever's name is written on its pages will die. With the aid of the death god Ryuk, Light takes it upon himself to rid the world of its corruption, ushering in a new era of purity one death at a time. But as Ryuk foretells, Light's actions will not go unchallenged...

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Jigoku Shoujo and Death Note both deal with the overall theme of death, and take it quite lightly. Both anime deal with the decisions and values of humanity. The colours and tones are quite dark, and each story is certainly one to keep you at the edge of your seat. The characters in Death Note are much more "cool" and the execution is much more fast and intense. Loved the aesthetic areas of Jigoku Shoujo (art, character designs, music).


Jigoku Shoujo and Death Note have a similar concept: judging those that are not pure of heart. This is of course a dark and serious theme which raises the main question, "what gives someone the right to judge others?"

Death Note has a far more advanced story (which is why not everyone will also like Jigoku Shoujo), but the atmosphere is definitely comparable.


Are you a fan of life after death stories? Or, are you just interested in how people can be manipulated? If so, then you should really consider watching both Death Note and Jigoku Shoujo.


Death Note and Jigoku Shoujo are both very dark anime. They are also both very good; they will make you think! Death Note is really a mind game and Jigoku Shoujo is more about about doing the right thing (or else you'll go to hell =P) , but they are both dark and really make you think. If you liked one, then you will like the other.


Death Note and Hell Girl are really based on the same premise. In Hell Girl, you can exact revenge by writing a person's name on a website, while in Death Note, the main character kills people by writing their names into a notebook. If you're into psychological thrillers with grim settings, both of these anime are worth checking out.


Hell Girl and Death Note are both very similar in the way people die. Should someone type a name on a website in Hell Girl, they are condemned to Hell. Should one's name be written in the Death Note, they die. Both anime are rather dark but are intense and thought-provoking.


Both series have a sort of dark feel about them, and neither have any face faults (sweat drops and the like). Although Jigoku Shoujo doesn't have a mad mastermind that kills bad guys, it has a cute girl that sends people to hell. So, I'm sure that if you liked the psychological Death Note, you'll probably like the mysterious Jigoku Shoujo as well. And the other way around too, of course.


Both animes are based on the same question -is it OK to kill evil people? - and they both show the consequences of the answer


Both series are about an human that has the ability to punish individuals who make themselves guilty of evil deeds. They do it with diferent methods though and if you liked one you would enjoy finding out in just what case the other is different yet so alike.


They have very alike content about wheter some people deserve to live or die. Both gives some info about the life after this. Both say Hell and Heaven exist and when using the power to kill someone in both anime you can't go to Heaven when you die. Death Note is far more intense and cool but Jikogu shoujo contains some excitement also. (A bit like a thriller)


They both are about justice in my sense. Justice that gets out of hand. They think they are doing the right thing, but in turn they are not. They both have a unique feel to them. If you liked one, well then the other is a must see.


in both series you can look how many persons believe that they can hold on the justice in their hand with the revenge,but this is only a way for their self destruction, and errors that they can't repair.


Althaugh this anime starts out diffrent to death note they are in essence very similar they are both about someone that for some reason kill people who may have wronged someone else in someway and while the main character in death note gains his death note from a shinigami giving him access to the ability to kill people by mearly writing there name in the death note the main character in Jikoku shougo has some attributes that are normally found in shinigami such as red eyes and the ability to kill people without the use of weapons and very early in to both animes another character is introduced who is a detective and try to learn why so many people are being killed.


Both Death Note and Hell Girl are both based on the theme death. Type a name in the Hell Girl website and the person's name you typied will die, write a name in Death Note and the preson will die. Use the Hell Girl website means selling you soul to the devil, writing a name in the Death Note and when u die you won't go to Hevan or Hell.


Both Jigoku Shoujo and Death Note deal with a sense of justice that is dished out by the central protagonist. Both also tend give the viewer food for thought about whether those sentenced to death truly deserve their fate and is the price that's paid for dealing out this judgement worth it? If you like anime that is not only entertaining but also thought-provoking then both of these are for you.


They share the concept of revenge and giving humans the power over life and death via a supernatural device.


There are some major similarities between the two animes. They are both about how each one takes lives because of a human's sins. But throughout both of the series, there is one person that wants to put a stop to the killing because they think it is wrong and unjust.

Not only that, the creativity of the plot and the characters, their emotions and actions, are planned out well and seem to grow on you with time. Both series tend to keep you on edge and wanting to watch more. If you like one, then you'll most likely like the other! 


If you enjoyed Death Note or Jigoku Shoujo then you would like the other because both shows deal with ideas of justice and revenge. They both center around the concept of if it is right or wrong to allow one person to determine the fate of another.


Both anime are about taking the lives of people that have done wrong the main difference is that in death note only one character has the power to choose who dies. Death Note has an actual plot where Jigoku Shoujo is almost all episodic episodes with very little main plot. If you like the idea of getting revenge/justice at the cost of someones life check one out if you liked the other.


Hell Girl and Death Note are based on almost exactly the same premises. In both series a regular person gets the oppurtunity to judge those he find to be evil, and end their lifes with the aid of supernatural powers. In Death Note it is thorugh a notebook and the aid of a death god or shinigami, in Hell Girl, it's through a website and with the aid of Hell Girl. Both series focuses on the moral and spiritual costs of revenge, and in both the series the person who accsept the bargin can look forward to a rather unplesant afterlife. The main differences between the series is that Death Note has a very fast paced storyline and works more like a modern TV thriller, and is a real mindgame. It's animation and overall style is slick and direct. Hell Girl has a more arty, surreal touch to it, and a more horror-like style. It's narrative is low pased and many episodes stands alone. You don't nessesarily have to follow the series from start to finnish like Death Note. If you like dark theemes both series should be up your ally.


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Both anime deal with the morality of revenge, and revenge as a tool for justice. In Death Note, the "killer" is, in his own strange way, trying to do a positive thing for the world, while in Jigoku Shoujo, the "killer" is being contracted by those who think the killings are a positive thing. Fans of one may find enjoyment in the other.


Both shows deal with the concepts of morality and death, whether it is Light killing with the Death Note or someone killing with Hell's correspondence. However Death Notes story is more complex than Hell Girl because hell girl is epasodic.


For those fond of Death Note I think they will find Hell Girl a good option and vice versa. This is mostly because both series force the viewer to question themselves while watching this series. They both present issues that make you evaluate your own morals and wonder 'what would I do in this situation'. To put it simply they are both in some way a more 'intellectual' series that encourage you to think about what is happening. Both Hell Girl and Death Note share a common bond in art as well. As far as color schemes go Hell Girl and Death Note are very similar. Their use of colors and shadows to emphasis certain scenes and emotions are nearly spot on. Additionally when darker scenes come about you will usually find a dramatic increase in detailing in both series. In the end I think that in general most that enjoyed either of these series would find the other interesting and worth viewing.


Both shows revolve around the theme of death. With Light from Death Note using a notebook that can kill people in the name of justice. Being similar with Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo taking requests from her clients submitted on her website to take revenge on someone who has hurt the client. 

Chances are if you loved one and enjoy the theme presented in that one. Then you'll love the other as well


Both of these anime have a similar theme. What if a human had the power to pass judgment on anyone they pleased? Both of these anime have some supernatural elements and a lot of suspence. Death Note is the more complex of the two, but both include some psychological and emotional drama.


Both Death Note and Hell Girl have a thematic similarity, as they both have a great concern with retribution, and with the actions of life having far-reaching consequences.  If you are enjoying Hell Girl, I really recommend Death Note because this anime goes deeper. Hell Girl is episodic in nature, with lightly connected storylines driving the story forward. In Death Note, plot development is a roller coaster ride of unexpected twists; a truly integrated story rather than a series of similar vignettes.  If you are liking Hell Girl, but want an anime with a bit more depth, an anime whose every episode is not just a new variation on the same tired theme, then try Death Note.

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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Maebara Keiichi, an ordinary high-school boy, has transferred to a new school in Hinamizawa, a small rural village. At the outset everything seems peaceful and Keiichi becomes friends with a nice group of schoolgirls with whom he spends many idle summer afternoons. Suddenly violence encroaches upon the blissful peace of the village and Keiichi becomes entangled in an endless cycle of fear and death. The inconsistent, but inevitable horrors of Hinamizawa are told and retold becoming an endless and inescapable nightmare of insanity. Will it end even if the mystery of Hinamizawa is solved?

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The mood in both of these is fairly dark, but also quite cute at the same time. Many murders take place, and often times are done to protect or avenge somebody else. Both seem to have a mystical and spiritual influence to the story, and a 'curse'. Hell Girl is newer though.


If you like either Jigoku Shoujo or any of the Higurashi installments, you will enjoy the other. 

While both series differ from each other in how the plot is carried out and specific situations, both deal with fate, destiny, curses, and psychological drama of a particular town.  Instances that seem unrelated in each seem to pull together in the end to complete the plot and give the viewer a good sense of closure.  Both have excellent scripts, pacing, development, and execution.  Higurashi, however, does tend to be more graphic in nature.  Just don't miss out on watching the "Kai" installment of Higurashi for the ending.  ^_^


Both Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Hell Girl are must watch animes for those who like something different x3 Both have amazing storylines and characters. So if you're sick of lovey dovey stories watch these instead =D


Both series have a very dark theme. Both focus on the evil that houses in every human. Higurashi has more of a story though, while Jigoku shoujo is more episodic.

If you liked one, check out the other.


Both contain the idea of a 'curse' and an aspect of mystery. Both contain short individual storylines or 'arcs' meaning that the anime doesn't have to be viewed from episode 1- the end.


If you like Jigoku Shoujo you really should check out Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, and vice versa. Although Jigoku Shoujo has a more consistent somber and sadistic tone to it while Higurashi no Naku Koro ni moves from a very upbeat tone to one of horror and violence, they share the similarity of destroying something beautiful. So if you're like me and for some reason gets captivated by that kind of stories then both of these two should be right up your alley.


The style of story-telling is the same. Episodic mini-archs give rise to a more ominious story: Hell Girl actually every episode while When They Cry has about 4 episodes to an arch. When They Cry is better, more engaging, as it has less repetition and is more trippy.

They differ in mood. HG tells sad stories that end with bittersweet justice, while WTC's archs start out saccharine and spiral out of control into senseless murder.


Both anime have a very similar dark theme. Another common factor is the different story arcs which take place. Jigoku shoujo episodes have a new story each time matches higurashi which has a new story every 5 or 6 episodes.

Requiem From The Darkness

Requiem From The Darkness

Momosuke is a young man with a dream: to travel Japan and collect one hundred stories. He journeys from place to place, searching for tales of the paranormal and bizarre, hoping to collect tales to publish in his book. However, the calm of Momosuke's life soon is shattered by a chance meeting with three sinister beings: Mataichi the priest, Nagamimi the bird-caller, and the beautiful Ogin. Soon, Momosuke learns that there might be more to his newfound comrades than first meets the eye...

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This series look at the darker sides of human desires and human personalities. While it is not for revenge so much as to watch the downfall of characters as they descend into madness or hell. It is similiar as the main character trys to stop the madness but eventually joins in, where as in Jigoku Shoujo this role is played out seperatly by the father and daughter.

Hell Girl and Requiem both tell the story of a group of individuals in some way involved in bringing "divine justice" upon people. Both these animes look at the darker side of revenge and its morally questionable nature, arguing both sides of the argument fairly.

Both use individual "mini-plots" lasting no more than a few episodes each to tell the story of specific individuals (from the perspective of the shows main characters) who slowly descend into madness or desperation to illustrate this point.


The Both have pretty much the same style of animation. They show the dark side of the world. People doing act out of envy, desperation, greed, etc. Also both have unorganisation that punish people that have done sins.


Both Hell Girl and Requiem from the Darkness have a group of characters with special abilities suited to removing evil souls from this world. Both shows explore the morality of revenge. Hell Girl and Requiem rely on the darkness of human nature to generate most of the horror.


Both series are very dark. They also both use one episode to conclude a "story". Both focus on the evil in humans.

If you liked one, check out the other.


Requiem From The Darkness and Hell Girl have some fairly strong similarities. First and foremost, of course, is the supernatural justice/revenge theme. But unlike several other series with this theme, both these series have a team (that are quite similar) to tormet the victim before they meat their demise.

Further along in Hell Girl we get a investigative characters, that I feel is similar to the storyteller in Requiem.  The duo of Hell Girl battle with the ethical dilemma of what is being done, just as the storyteller in Requiem does.

If you liked any of the above in one of the series, I know you will enjoy them in the other.


Both of these anime shed light on the dark part of the human soul. Both of these anime revolve around a group of specialized characters that deal with the dark, often petty side of humanity. These anime are also very good at making you question whom the real villians are. The animation style, dark, gritty, and often confounding, is also fairly similar. 


Both Hell Girl and Hundred Stories have a very episodic nature, where a person gets punished for some kind of sin. This judgement is given by a group of supernatural beings.  They shed an interesting light on human nature and all the atrocities we commit for our own greed.

So, if you like dark, episodic anime with some food for thought, you'll surely like these two.

Shinigami no Ballad

Shinigami no Ballad

Momo is a sympathetic death god who cries every time she sees a touching moment. Though she brings death, she also allows the victim to complete their last wish before taking them away. Accompanying her through her adventures is a winged black cat named Daniel. With a huge scythe in tow, Momo strives to touch the lives of humankind and overflow the world with pure kindness, by fulfilling the soon deceased’s tasks.

my list:

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Both series have little shoujo death gods. Although they may look different they both have a similar atmosphere to them. They both have to deal with sending people away to the afterworld. If you liked Hell Girl, you will like this one too. :)


The main characters of Hell Girl and Ballad have a very similar personality; they seem shy and introverted at first, but have a much deeper personality that can be guessed throughout the episodes. Although one sends souls to hell and the other accomplishes the dead's last wishes, their jobs as death goddesses are very similar too. These two anime show different perspectives of the same situation, but both have the same contemplative feel to them. If you liked one, you're probably going to like the other too.


Sending people to the afterlife, and granting ones last wish both shinigamis from these anime have the same aura around them. They must deal with random people and move them on. If you likes Hell Girl your are sure to like Shinigami no Ballad


Both anime deal with death, and what it means to die.Shinigami No Ballad deals with the good in people, and what it means when the good die young, while Jigoku Shoujo has a darker approach of sacrifice and punishment. The two series are two sides of the same coin and balance each other out nicely.


Another recommendation from the 200 club!

I recently watched SnB as one of the club choices, and the entire way through I was reminded of Jigoku. Both shows are based around a young girl who takes people after death. However, they are the polar opposites once this happens.

Momo in SnB is sweet, and cries when she helps people after a death. Ai in Jigoku is much darker and a longer series meant that there was a lot more history given about her.

Jigoku is episodic and could be considered repetitive, and SnB is very short and leaves you wanting more. However, I think if you enjoy one, you will enjoy the other.


Jigoku Shoujo offers many of the same elements found in Shinigami no Ballad, but also focuses on a longer, overarching plot while still retaining an episodic format. Shinigami on the other hand uses a purely episodic format. As far as content goes, both series' put an emphasis on the actions an emotions of a young girl who is given the task of taking the souls of the recently deceased, and the people that come into contact with them, though each have their own method of completing this task.


Both anime are about shinigami but the main difference is that in Jigoku Shoujo the shinigami kills the person out of revenge where in Shinigami no Ballad the shinigami helps the person that is about to die with one last wish. Both anime have mysterious female leads who are the shinigami and leave you wanting to learn more and more about these interesting girls. If you like tales about the dead check either of these out.

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Ayakashi - Japanese Classic Horror

Ayakashi - Japanese Classic Horror

The dark and brooding Ayakashi is composed of three horror stories: the narration of a young woman named Oiwa who was abandoned and betrayed by the one she truly loved, leading her to curse all who stood in her way; a story of two star-crossed lovers – a human and a forgotten god – and their struggle to have a future together; and the tale of an evil and malicious demon who is haunting and murdering a family for unknown purposes. Though different in animation style and tone, each story shares a similar theme: the darkness of the human heart.

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Hell Girl and Ayakashi are must sees for fans of the horror/mystery genre. Both anime will leave you amazed at not only the beauty of the animation, sound and scenery, but also horrified at the ugliness of man and the choices he makes.


Both Ayakashi and Jigoku Shoujo have the same slow pace, soft horror elements, and quiet emotional aspect. If you liked the ambiance in one, you'll also like the other.


If you are into scary stories in anime format, then those two are made just for you. Enjoy the creepy moments and not so happy endings by watching those amazing animes. If you wish to know what hell is truly like and what curses can do to you, you do not want to miss these series.


Both Jigoku Shoujo and Ayakashi - JCH are basically collections of horror stories centered around cruelty and revenge. While they both unmistakably contain horror elements, they are much more focussed on the suffering of humans rather than blockbuster horror gimmicks to make you jump from your chair or uncontrollably vomit. Whoever is looking for more revenge stories with a supernatural horror twist, look no further! This one is just that.


These two episodic series show the effects that a vengeance, full of grudge and sorrow, summoning supernatural powers, could bring to the life of who want revenge and who are the objective of it.


Both anime are cooncerned with ghosts and the supernatural, and both have a "revenge"" theme running through them.  Ayakashi is a connected story arc, however, whereas Hell Girl is a series of vignettes, both with the same sort of flavor.