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In the faraway country of Jewel Land, its young animal inhabitants known as Jewel Pets are changed into jewels during each annual spring cleaning. But one day, after an accident, the Jewel Pets are scattered throughout the human world. One small rabbit called Ruby was playing at the time and as the only Jewel Pet remaining, she receives the task of retrieving the others. When Ruby arrives in the human world in her jewel form, she is found by schoolgirl Rinko. Thinking it to be a normal gem, Rinko is astonished when the bizarre businessman, Tatewaki, tells her about Jewel Land and the missing animals. Now Ruby and Rinko set about trying to find the rest of the Jewel Pets, but with Ruby’s terrible magic skills causing explosions and confessions of love getting in the way, it won’t be an easy task.

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Jewelpet Tinkle TV 2010 TBD
Jewelpet Sunshine TV 2011 TBD
Jewelpet Kira Deco! TV 2012 TBD
Jewelpet Happiness TV 2013 TBD
Jewelpet Tinkle Special DVD Special 2013 TBD
Lady Jewelpet TV 2014 TBD
Name Role
Tomoko MIYAKAWA Character Design
Nanako SASAKI Director
Shiroh HAMAGUCHI Music
Kazuya WATANABE Producer
Hideyuki KACHI Producer
Koji BEPPU Producer
Naoki NOWATA Producer

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List Title Username Entries Date
Want to Watch AnimeObsessed 218 Jul 1, 2010
Disliked Animes Keada9797 34 Jan 23, 2010
DarioX7 won't watch Jewelpet
jakarrd rated the Jewelpet anime 4/5 stars
jakarrd watched Jewelpet at 52 of 52 episodes
dj8900 dropped Jewelpet
Rotmulaag wants to watch Jewelpet

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Goldfish Warning!

Goldfish Warning!

Spoiled, stuck-up Chitose comes from a wealthy family and an expensive school in the city; that is, until her father suddenly dies and his company goes bankrupt. Now with not a single yen to her name Chitose finds herself attending Inakano Middle School in the middle of the countryside where even animals are admitted as students! When the family lawyer attempts to steal Chitose’s one remaining possession – her one hundred million yen pink goldfish, Gyopi - Chitose discovers that her father left her a large amount of stocks and shares. However, instead of using the money to return to her previous life, she decides to rebuild the shabby rural school. Now alongside her new friends Wapiko, Kitada and Aoi, Chitose tries to run her new school effectively and outdo her old rivals at Tokaino Gakuen. Though with Tokaino sending spies to the school and games of kick the can in enemy territory, the path to success won’t be easy...

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Both of these series are easy-watching, family-friendly anime. Also both are fairly girly with a good dose of humour, so if you enjoyed one, then you may like the other.

Sailor Moon

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While the aim of these series is somewhat different, they share quite a few qualities. Both are equally girly and harmless, though Jewelpet is generally more 'fluffy'. Magic and comedy also feature heavily in the two series, and both have the same cheesy feel to them. If you liked one, then it may be worth watching the other.