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Itazura na Kiss

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Kotoko Aihara has always been in love with Naoki Irie; he’s tall, handsome, and rumored to be the most intelligent student in Japan – who wouldn’t be? Only one thing stands in the way of a relationship with Irie: Kotoko is ditzy and is at the bottom set of her school, and Irie-kun hates nothing more than ditzy, stupid girls. When disaster strikes and Kotoko is forced to move in with Irie-kun’s family, she suddenly sees her chance to bridge the gap. After all, even cool, super-intelligent guys must have a soft spot, right?

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Itazura na Kiss 1990 Original Manga
Name Role
Maki FUJIOKA Character Design
Kazuhiro SOETA Character Design
Osamu YAMASAKI Director
Yasuharu TAKANASHI Music

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Itazura na Kiss Sheex 7/10 Feb 1, 2009

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Itazura na Kiss adikiller 9.9/10 Dec 3, 2013
Itazura na Kiss jypsyjulia 6/10 Sep 8, 2013
Itazura na Kiss lil1doll 10/10 Jun 9, 2013
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Anime to watch over summer rabirabbit 5 Apr 23, 2014
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Best Comedy/Romance Anime polycutie 18 Apr 12, 2014
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Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex is a story of a boy and a girl. The girl, Koizumi Risa, is much taller than the average Japanese girl; and the boy, Atsushi Otani, is much shorter than the average Japanese boy. Due to their immense difference in size and constant bickering with each other, the duo is unwillingly the school’s comic relief. As Risa and Otani continue to provide endless laughter for the masses, their friendship develops; and with that, so does Risa’s feelings for Otani...

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Both anime are centered on romance and school life, they are both really really funny and with nice drawings!They talk about how much difficult a relationship can be but also that love can grow with time and is not merely based on apparences and look. The warning is: You can fall in love even with the last person you've thought you will fall in love with!!!!!! Try it!


Kotoko and Risa both make hilarious faces. Both anime have made me laugh out loud and also provide a fast-paced plot that keeps you interested during the entire series. They also both have seemingly unattainable boys, but the girls never give up when trying to achieve love.


Lovely Complex and Itazura na Kiss have a similar sense of humour and are both incredibly funny accounts of girls trying their best to win over a boy. Light-hearted and energetic, they give you a similar warm, summery feeling. I think you'll definitely appreciate one if you liked the other.


If you liked Itazura na Kiss or Lovely Complex for the leading lady, then you'll definitely like the other. Both Risa and Kotoko are probably the most determined heroines I've ever seen. They fight for their right to love the leading males who, really, are quite a battle indeed. The art style in both is a quirky fashion, and the plot moves at a fast pace. The shows are both about couples who are seemingly from different worlds that mix in just the right amount of comedy and romance and drama. If you liked either, I can almost guarantee you will enjoy the other.


Both Lovely Complex and Itazura na Kiss focus on a young High school girl who is in a one-sided love with a fellow student. Both document the trials that the two female protagonists face in trying to make the object of their affection fall in love with them, often with comedic results.


Both the lady protagonists (Kotoko and Koizumi) are very persistent in showing their affection towards their loved ones (Irie and Otani). They both 'courted' these guys who happen to be both famous with their peers.

Another thing is that Kotoko and Koizumi aren't very bright in academics though both are optimistic in life.


Lovely Complex is a really amazing anime. In some ways it resembles Itazura na Kiss in both show that perseverances in any that u waht provels in this anime also the girl almost beg for the boy that she love to be accepted even their differences are noticeable and i dont mean in personality or brains in fact they are to much alike even so much they are really good friends well more or less LOL they bully each other because she is taller that him even that most of ther frinds and he is smaller that her and also more that their friends so what happen when she star to look at him different more that friends and even more when he reject u this has comedy , romance and alot thsin about life so both anime are grea that main differences with this just about hish school life and body differences and Itazura na kiss is is also about that but more deep meang about life and even goes futher that high school life watch both off there u will love them


While Lovely Complex focuses on the high school years of the main characters and Itazura na Kiss takes place over a long period of time i think they are both alike in the romance department. In both series the relationships between the main characters are problematic right from the beginning. Tall girl with a short guy? An air head in love with a genius? Well why not? Also the comedy in both is great, the ironic/sarcastic yet silly kind of comedy. If you tried one and liked it, try watching the other one, and im sure you will like it just as much!


Both of these anime have similar high school romantic comedy aspect to them. Both focus on one relationship instead of a weird complicated love triangle and have this girl chasing the guy aspect. Plus both are hillariously funny :)


What makes Lovely Complex and Itazura na Kiss so similar is that they have parallel story lines, but different situations. Both female leads fall in love with someone "not suitable" for them, who the male leads initially reject. However, both Risa Koizumi (Lovely Complex) and Kotoko Aihara (Itazura na Kiss) overcome their stereotypical couple barrier and get the male leads to fall in love with them as well. 

They are both romantic comedies with great endings. If you liked one, then you will definitely like the other! :)


Ah unrequited love...

If you're slightly masochistic (in a good way of course!) and enjoy the heartfelt phases a school girl goes through when she likes someone that is uninterested, but still sees/hangs onto the glimmer of hope that keeps us all on the edge of our seats- you will find these shows likeable in more ways than one.


Both animes have the message: With persistance, you can win away love. I think it's a great message to have, considering both animes end off with a happy ending.


Girl loves guy. Guy doesn't feel the same way...yet. Itazura na Kiss is more serious and spans a longer period of time in the characters' lives than Lovely Complex, but both have that element of girl perservering and succeeding in love. 

Special A

Special A

Ever since their first meeting at six years old, Hikari Hanazono has struggled to defeat her rival Kei Takashima at anything, whether it be athletics or academics. To date she has proven unsuccessful, resulting in Kei constantly referring to her as "second place." In reality, Kei has been in love with Hikari for quite some time, but Hikari remains completely oblivious to the fact. Now, as the top two students in a prestigious academy, the duo continues their long-running competition as part of the school's elite class of seven, the Special A. Will Hikari ever surpass Kei... or realize that he loves her?


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Both series are very funny and enjoyable. They show us that intelligent and handsome guys don't have to necessarily live an easy and happy life. They need a woman to support them and give them real happiness. If you liked one, you'd surely like the other.


Both anime feature a cold and super intelligent guy. The female character is more on the carefree fun loving side. Both anime also feature a "one-sided love", and both are really funny.


Both series focus on a love relationship between the main protagonist. Reverse role in Itazura na Kiss with the female loving the male. Instead of subtle hints of love, Itazura na Kiss is explicit from the very start and the storyline progresses from there. Highly recommend if you enjoyed Special A. In addition, excellent ending that will not leave the viewer hanging. Storyline spans from High school all the way to College and after.


Both of these series place heavy focus on the unrequited love of one of the central characters and the way they deal with their feelings. Both series are full of comedy, so if you enjoyed one then it's well worth checking out the other.


Have two female lead chracter who are determined to win. Lead male that seems somewhat distant and sometimes down right mean but in the end they find that they care for eachother.


they both have a really smart and athetic guy, and a female character that wants to improve herself.

Also the guy is secretly in love, but at the beguining he doesn't know it


I watched Special A first, and when watching Itazura na Kiss I thought that these anime were two sides of the same coin. Very similar yet extremely different.

Now one thing you should know is that Itazura na Kiss is a more realistic anime and is suited for a slightly older audience then SA - wheras SA has more comedic, slightly more light hearted storyline with a slightly younger audience in mind. Both anime include the mixture of romance, comedy and character development very well - neither really creating a break where the storyline gets boring; every episode introduces a new part of the story which leaves you wanting more. If you enjoyed one, then I definately recommend the other.


Both of the male protagonists in the series are "perfect"- down to both of them even saying that they only need to see something once to remember it.


While Special A is more of a comedy type anime and Itazura na Kiss takes on a slightly more serious tone, the characters in each are easily relatable to one another.  It is interesting to see the one-sided love in both of these shows but from entirely different perspectives.


Both of these shows reminded me of each other, if you liked Special A, then you're bond to love Itazura na Kiss and vise versa.  Honestly, they have the same feel to them.  Both involve a guy who is the top of his class, and a girl who tries everything to be as good as him.  Although it is for different purposes, because in Special A it's mainly because of jealousy (and she doesn't realize her feelings for him), while in Irazura na kiss, she does it because she loves him and wants to be good enough for him. Both guys often tease the girls to an extreme too, just to hide their initial feelings.


Both animes have the main lead in love with the girl. Although in Special A, you have the girl who's completely ignorant of the boy liking her at all, while in Itazura na Kiss, you have the girl who's ignorant of the boy liking her back.

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Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile

The studious and uptight Chiaki is well-known as the top pianist of his school, and dreams of becoming a world-class conductor like his idol, Viera; but his fear of flying (which makes studying abroad impossible) combined with a recent break-up and dismissal from his piano instructor causes that future to seem both bleak and unlikely. After collapsing outside of his apartment, drunk, Chiaki inadvertently meets a young woman named Nodame who, while quite talented at the piano, is unclean, clumsy, and haphazard. Despite being almost polar opposites, the two begin to grow closer and work, together, to overcome the obstacles in their careers.

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The main character is female and not as refined as the male lead and initially not as serious as he is. She eventually makes the male lead have feelings for her and end up together.


Itazurana kiss and nodame cantabile revolve around a common theme and that is: The guys that they like or love are superior to them in every way but despite that they always try to be with them and try very hard to improve and become better for the sake of their love. The guy that they adore seems cold and distant, but as they spend more time together they guys soften up a bit and start to reveal their emotions through cold words of encouragement.(They desire that the girl would work hard so they can be together later on) Both of these anime are well written because you candefinitely tell that from the begining their personalities are very different, but as they spend more time together they start to show some traits from each other.


It involves the long development of a relationship and its hardships and doesn't have the conventional female character, and both are total messes.  I love both of the mangas, however Itazura's is incomplete. However Nodame doesn't have much kissing etc. 


Both Nodame Cantabile and Itazura na Kiss have male protagonists that are "perfect" in every way. Both are very critical and can speak their mind bluntly.

Even the female protagonists are very similar, both females can't cook, aren't very smart academically, but there is something about them that just gets the males in either series smitten.

The other similarity is that the males are striving to be something and the females only do their best just to be by their side- motivating each other.


Both series have similar characters in that they both have a somewhat clumsy girl who is in love with a popular talented guy who is not interested in the girl at first. Each series then focuses on the relationship between the girl and boy and how they grow closer. If you like the characters and their relationship in one you should try out the other.


Both anime center on girls trying to improve upon themselves so they can be with the man they love. Although it may not be easy both set of main character learn to compromise to be with eachother. With air headedness and cold yet funny behavior both anime are very entertianing while displaying the depths of love.


If you enjoyed Nodame Cantabile, then you will definitely feel the same way when you watch Itazura Na Kiss and vice versa. In NC, Nodame is not the smartest girl in the area. She's clumsy, weird, but there is something special about her. Its the same in Itazura Na Kiss. The girl is also not the smartest cookie in the batch. This is what makes both male leads become attracted to them. They both have something special. In NC, the male lead is wise, smart, and does everything correctly. He is also popular amongst all the guys in the school. In Na Kiss, the male lead is also that way. At first, you would think, 'Why would he ever pay attention to a girl like that?' but that is what we call 'opposites attract.' Nodame and Chiaki are completely different people with different ways of thinking. So are the female and male lead in Na Kiss. You will enjoy this anime if you love the comedic, romantic stylings in either one of them!


Both anime are about a girl who's an airheaded and with more value than she thinks. She falls in love with a handsome guy who, at first, seems to have no interest in her but finds out how wonderful she actually is later on. Both anime evolve through time and characterize the changes in their lives. Both are great romance anime shows and have their funny moments although I find Nodame Cantabile funnier. If you like one, I'm sure you'll enjoy the other one as well. 

Marmalade Boy

Marmalade Boy

Miki is a normal high school student, living a normal life, but one day she is welcomed home with an announcement: her parents have decided to get divorced and switch partners with close friends of the family. The reason? Love. But to add to Miki's disbelief, she may get a new "brother," and he may just happen to be in love with her...

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In both the main girl character has to live with a boy she doesn't like so much in the beginning.


The premises of both series are fairly similar. Due to bizarre circumstances, a plucky but hapless teenage girl is forced to live in the same house as the cold, tactless, and handsome love interest. Kotoko and Miki are very similar, as are their male counter parts.

Even so, the stories aren't carbon copies of each other. Anyone who appreciates shoujo drama and humor would do well to check out both series.


Both Itazura na Kiss and Marmalade Boy are anime about adverse situations in a day to day slice of life type of situation. While a little out there compared to normal hum drum daily life in reality; both series do not rely on absurdities such as magic, harems, or galactic war to set up the situation. Rather both anime have a down to earth and believable (If a bit dramatic at times) feel to them. Anyone who loves a good slice of life story, has dealt with the doubts and trials that come with a budding relationship, or anyone who just likes to watch characters squirm in situations the manga-ka / writers place them in will love both of these series.


Both are super shoujo love dramas!  Both lead girls suddenly finds herself living with a super kakkoii schoolmate idol whom she fights and falls in love with.  100% teen mini soap opera consisting of 2 main bishies falling for 1 insecured cute clumsy girl.  Watch their love life trials and tribulations until they get married, with all sorts of sweet romance, love triangles, changing partners and forbidden love stories in between.  Must watch for romance shoujo lovers!


Both animes are comedy, romance and drama type and about an innocent love... the stories are about more than one love story.. about love triangles or love squares.

In both cases the story starts with both families moving toguether and high school love.


Kotoko (Itazura na Kiss) and Miki (Marmalade Boy) are very similar female characters.  Due to circumstances beyond their control they are focused to move into a house with two guys that eventually become their love interests.  Both series have the real life type of situation to them and the characters each just have to deal as best as they can under the circumstances.


Both animes have the girl and boy living in the same house. The plots are kind of smiliar, but in Marmalade Boy, the boy actually likes the girl first, unlike Itazura na Kiss.

Clannad After Story

Clannad After Story

Summer break is now over; the second semester has started for Tomoya, Nagisa and the others, and little has changed. Since Tomoya's relationship with his father is still troubled, he continues to live with Nagisa and her family, even if it means getting roped into organizing a baseball team for the family bakery. Life at school continues as normal with Sunohara as carefree as ever; however, when his sister Mei voices her concerns about him, the series of events that follow place a strain on Sunohara and Tomoya’s friendship. Whether it's saving a person from themselves or passing on a message from the past, one thing’s for sure: no matter how tough things get, good friends will always be there to help out.


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Besides the common elements of romance between a fairly ditsy girl and a guy who can be more than a little brash and insulting at times, these two anime both posses a common feeling derived from the emotional power of the bond between two people who love each other for who they are, regardless of the influences of other people around them. Both ItaKiss and the Clannad Saga span an intriguingly long period of the protagonists' lives, and both of them present their stories in a comedic, yet emotionally engaging way.


Out of all the romance anime I've seen, both Itazura na Kiss and Clannad After Story actually "finish" and complete their stories. I don't want to spoil either anime, but both start off with a boy and a girl meeting in high school, getting married, while going through several obstacles physically and mentally. It is intriguing to watch the development of all the characters and how they are so similar; even the characters are pretty alike in personality.

The main difference is that Clannad After Story has a more down to earth feel, while Itazura na Kiss has more comedy, with the background turning into flowers and hearts and what not. 

Both are a must for those who love romance and slice of life anime! :)


I have seen quite a lot romantic shows and I have seen even more school life shows, but I only know Clannad After Story and Itazura na Kiss that follow the lives of the main characters after graduation. In both animes the lovers love each others with no conditions and hold on no matter what.

On the other hand, the greatest difference between the two is that Itazura na Kiss provides light and comic entertainment, the couple's problems are resolved quite easily, while in Clannad After Story the audience gets more drama filled with emotions like despair or sorrow.


These are both good series that remind me of each other alot although the Clannad after stories made me cry a lot both of the female lead characters where lovable and in both series time flows while years go by


The main males in both series have a confident air about them, which truly masks some insecurities. Kotoko and Nagisa (the main females of the series) are often clueless, but they have a positive outlook on life that helps the males to grow as well as fall in love with them. Nagisa is much more shy than Kotoko though, and Tomoya is looked at as a delinquent rather than a prodigy. 

Both anime series have a pretty realistic relationship outlook while being comedic. On the other hand, Itazura na Kiss is a lot lighter that Clannad After Story, which in my opinion leans more towards the slice of life aspect than the romantic comedy one. Also, Clannad displays magic/spirtualality (not necessaryily refering to religion) which is not found in Itazura na Kiss.

In short, both series are sweet and keep you riveted in your seat till the very end. I highly recommend Clannad After Story, but I'm warning you now, have a tissue ready.  


If you like anime that continue after marriage and show the couple's married life you'll love clannad since the story doesn't just stop at the confession and marriage. CLANNAD and itazura na kiss are two of my top favorites. I wish there were more anime/manga with this type of style since I like to watch the couple grow together after marriage.