Ishida to Asakura

Alt title: Ishida and Asakura


Custom Lists

Terrible animeby Starra

Don't waste your time (or do, I'm not your boss).

My Favorite Ecchi animeobssesivetomuch

This list includes all ecchi content, that I have deemed worthy to masturbate to, from panty shots to full blown sex. There may be a few anime in here that don't contain any ecchi, but are still here because they may use something fetish based...

The Big List of Short Episode Animeby hamletsmage

Anything with a run time of less than 20 minutes, and has 3 or more episodes is on this list. Including DVD/TV specials for longer run-time shows. The list is ordered with stand alone shows first. So, if you're looking to buff your anime numbers...

Winter 2013by punkypoison

Anime that I have watched or am watching for winter 2013 Simulcast.

The Best Openingsby Signas

The best openings from the series I've watched. Not commenting on the quality of the listed series. The names of the songs can be found in the "reason" box. (Artist - Song name)