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Kagome is a normal high school girl who falls into a well, transporting her back in time to the feudal era. Upon her arrival to this world, she mercifully unleashes Inuyasha, a half demon. As if this isn't enough, she also discovers that she is the bearer of the Shikon no Tama, a jewel of great spiritual power, a jewel which has just shattered into a million shards. Now, along with Miroku the priest, Sango the demon hunter, and Shippou the mischievious fox-demon, they must set out to find the Shikon shards and defeat the evils of the demon Naraku.

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
InuYasha The Movie 1: Affections Touching Across Time Movie 2001 TBD
InuYasha The Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass Movie 2002 TBD
InuYasha The Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler Movie 2003 TBD
InuYasha The Movie 4: Fire on the Mystic Island Movie 2004 Sequel
InuYasha: Kuroi Tessaiga Movie 2008 TBD
InuYasha: The Final Act TV 2009 Sequel

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
InuYasha 1996 Original Manga
Name Role
Yoshihito HISHINUMA Character Design
Masashi IKEDA Director
Yasunao AOKI Director
Kaoru WADA Music
Rumiko TAKAHASHI Original Manga Creator
Hideyuki TOMIOKA Producer
Michihiko SUWA Producer

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InuYasha Jevinie 7.5/10 Jan 12, 2014
InuYasha kisa15 9/10 Dec 14, 2013
InuYasha PokemonMasterChris 10/10 Sep 8, 2013
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Great animes ShinySunshine 9 Jul 9, 2014
Favourite Animes [Updated] CandyDrops 10 Jul 5, 2014
Top Ten Anime List DropofVenus 10 Jul 1, 2014
PheleanorPhil wants to watch InuYasha
EvilKittenator watched InuYasha at 167 of 167 episodes
ligadeportiva12 won't watch InuYasha
Drag0nmaster100 watched InuYasha at 167 of 167 episodes
zolfeK rated the InuYasha anime 4/5 stars

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Tears to Tiara

Tears to Tiara

Rhiannon is the fair and gentle daughter of a village chief. Unfortunately for her, she's also exactly the sort of maiden who is needed as a sacrifice to wake the Demon King Arawn from his thousand-year slumber and is soon kidnapped for this very purpose. However, when Arawn is summoned, he decides to spare Rhiannon's life, instead killing her captor and freeing her from mind control. Taken with his kindness, Rhiannon immediately decides to marry the Demon King, making him the new village chief. All of this is bad news for Rhiannon's protective but hot-headed brother Arthur, who must now pledge his knightly service to his new Lord, Arawn. Together the three of them must journey and together they must fight, encountering new friends and new foes along the way.

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In both, a girl awakens what is thought to be a nasty demon, but turns out to be a dear friend. There is sword play, arrows, and magic in both shows, and focus on a group of friends. Also, Primula reminds me of Rin as she follows Arawn around the way Rin did Sesshomaru. Rhiannon's fighting style is a lot like Kagome or Kikyo, as she uses powers instead of weapons 

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Wagaya no Oinari-sama

Wagaya no Oinari-sama

When Noboru and Toru Takagami hear that their grandmother is dying, they rush to their late mother's hometown to visit her – however, it was all a ruse. Upon their arrival the two discover that their grandmother is alive and well, that Toru is being targeted by demons, and that Noboru is now head of the Mizuchi family. In order to save his brother, Noboru releases the family's guardian deity, a fox spirit named Kugen who was sealed away due to its mischievous behavior. The demon is defeated; but when it becomes apparent that Toru will continue to attract them, Noboru has no choice but to allow Kugen and Ko (the family's guardian maiden) to live with them. With demons, gods and increased living expenses now complicating his life, will Noboru able to cope?

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Sometimes you just have to love a character with cute ears. But so much more so than that a good character driven story that is easy to jump into in the middle is also a good thing every once in a while. Inu Yasha and Wagaya no Onari-sama both have characters that are endearing and have a certain chemistry with eachother. Granted Inu has a Dog Boy and Onari-sama has a Fox Girl that happens to forget which gender they are and can be a boy too, but they both have to protect the one they care for. Sometimes this is rather reluctantly and from very dangerous and occasionally humorous Yokai <One of the many Japanese words for ghost or demon>. Since both series do take a slice of life with a bit of adventure tone A viewer of one could easily get into the other. Also Anyone who has a fetish for Miko girls will have plenty to oogle at with Kikyo and Ko.



Chiaki is an energetic young teenager who lives with her grandmother in an old temple just outside of town. She is a descendant of the powerful sorcerer Enno Ozune who, along with a powerful guardian spirit, protected the land from evil monsters. Now, sinister forces have begun to arise again and search for the Seeds of Evil. When their temple, which hides a Seed of Evil, is attacked, Chiaki releases the seal on the legendary guardian spirit Zenki to protect them - but he's stuck in the form of a child until she unleashes his power with the Guardian Bracelet of her ancestor. Together, the duo must defeat the evil Karuma and his minions while destroying all the Seeds of Evil. Can Zenki and Chiaki learn to get along and fight as a team, or will their constant arguments be their downfall?

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Both these shows are quite similar in the way the main female has special spiritual powers and have some sort of control over their powerful male partners. They also don't get along at all, always arguing. They have to learn to work together, fight constant demons, and save the world by collecting items(jewl shards, seeds of evil).  Although Zenki isn't romance based, fans of one will most likely like the other as well.



Michiru has an unusual ability: she can see a dark ring around a person's neck that signifies their time to die. However, she suppressed her powers once she "saw" the deaths of her parents – until now. After accidentally seeing rings around the necks of two boys in her school, it seems that Michiru's powers are back for good. The two are zombies who are working for the secret loan office known as Zombie-Loan, and they need Michiru's help to find other zombies – those with dark black rings around their necks. Though Michiru initially refuses, due to a series of events it seems she has no choice but to comply...

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In both Zombie-loan and InuYasha there consists of guys using weopons specificly unique to the user to take down otherworldly enemies for there own personal gain. if you liked inuyasha im sure you will like Zombie loan