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Premise: Inuyasha, a Hanyou (half-demon) who desires to steal the Shikon Jewel (Also known as the Sacred Jewel) is shot to a tree by the Priestess Kikyou and sealed to the tree to sleep forever. Around 500 Years later Kagome Higurashi, who happens to be the reincarnation of Kikyou stumbles into the shed of her family's Shrine grounds and is transported to the Warring States period in time. It is 50 years after the events of Inuyasha getting sealed to where Kagome arrives and has little choice, but to release Inuyasha from his seal to kill a demon which threatens the Village Kagome arrives in.

Story(8/10): Japan is the setting the story takes place in. The story is relatively basic. There are several mysteries surrounding why Inuyasha wants to become a full Demon, what really happened 50 Years ago in the Warring States period, and how Kagome is related to Kikyou. These mysteries are slowly uncovered throughout the story with each mystery being uncovered leaving the viewer wanting more.

The story jumps between the present day Modern Japan where Kagome's home and family are and the Warring States Period where Inuyasha and most of the other major characters live. Inuyasha is also able to travel to Kagome's time and these moments are used to expand on the relationship of Kagome and Inuyasha.

While the story starts out by Kagome accidentally shattering the Shikon Jewel into several fragments setting up the plot as a "fetch quest" the story really picks up after discovering more of the truth about Kikyou and Inuyasha 50 years ago and discovering that they were turned against each other by a Demon named Naraku. After learning about Naraku, the story shifts from a Fetch Quest for the Shikon Jewel and battling random demons, to focusing on the enemy Naraku who has manipulated the lives of Inuyasha and several other characters that eventually travel alongside Inuyasha to take down Naraku. It is the shift to dealing with the Antagonist Naraku which is what makes the story interesting instead of simply regathering the shattered Shikon Jewel Fragments.

Animation(9/10): This Anime was made around the year 2000, so the Animation is dated compared to modern Anime standards, but the Animation is very well done for its time. The antics of Inuyasha, Kagome and the other characters flow well, and the fight scenes are addicting to watch.

Sound(10/10): Masterful Soundtrack. The Soundtrack for this Anime was composed by Kaoru Wada who I found out about from watching this Anime, and he is a great composer. He has also composed for D. Gray Man, the 3x3 Eyes Ova, and other series. It is possible you may have heard of him from the other series. The soundtrack fits perfectly with the Anime, and you may find that you'll still remember this soundtrack long after you finish this Anime.

Characters(10/10): This show has many characters and overall, the main characters get very well developed, and the side characters also get developed.

The main character Inuyasha is refreshing to have as a Protagonist compared to other Anime. His personality could be considered Tsundere as despite how he acts rude, selfish, and somewhat arrogant, he really cares about his comrades as they have shown him what it is like to have bonds. Also considering his history as a Half-Demon, he was rejected by both Humans and Demons overall which didn't allow him to learn how to act in social situations very well. The only person who accepted him was his Human Mother (His Father is a Demon, which is how he is a Half-Demon, and Inuyasha's father is dead by the time the show begins). He goes through a lot of character development after meeting Kagome. It is very hard to dislike Inuyasha as he is very loveable taking his whole personality into account.

Kagome who gets involved in the events of the Warring States period brings a different form of kindness to Inuyasha than Kikyou did which slowly affects Inuyasha throughout the series. Also as Kikyou's reincarnation, there is a lot of romantic tension throughout the series with Inuyasha. Though unlike other series, the initial love/hate relationship with Inuyasha feels natural considering the time they spend together and the overall long length of the series making the developing feelings between Inuyasha and Kagome feel very believable and strong.

Little is known about Kikyou until later in the series all we know in the beginning was that she was the Priestess that protected the Shikon Jewel from Demons, and ended up sealing Inuyasha to a Tree for 50 years before she ended up getting cremated along with the Shikon Jewel which eventually comes back through Kagome, her reincarnation from around 500 years into the Present day.

Sesshomaru is Inuyasha's Half Brother who is a full Demon as both of Sesshomaru's parents are Demons unlike Inuyasha. Because of Inuyasha's Half-Demon heritage, he ends up at odds with Sesshomaru frequently. They fight over their Father's heirloom the Sword Tessaiga initially and this affects Sesshomaru's pride and slowly allows him to change towards more of an Anti-Hero rather than just trying to sabotage Inuyasha whenever possible.

Then there is the Demon Naraku who has affected the Lives of Inuyasha and the other characters with a level of cunning, manipulation, and ruthlessness unparalleled by any other Antagonist seen in a series. Throughout the show, Naraku's actions grow more and more despicable which causes the characters and audience to hate Naraku even more. Naraku manipulates other villains in the show to fight the main characters as well and even the other villains hate Naraku which goes to show how great of an Antagonist Naraku is.

Overall(10/10): Inuyasha is a long Anime series, so a fair amount of dedication will be required to watch it. It is 167 Episodes long (193 if you include the Final Act, which is a conclusion to this Anime series) Making around 200 Episodes. Despite this, I would still highly recommend Inuyasha to anyone. It has great elements of Fantasy, Demons, Action, Adventure, Romance, Friendship which means there's many things for many people to enjoy. In Inuyasha's case, the large amount of episodes are justified considering the great characters and overall plot elements. Inuyasha certainly lives up to be an unforgettable Adventure.

There is also little filler even though the series is long. The Filler doesn't take up an entire season like Filler does in series like Naruto and Bleach. It is normally contained in a few episodes before returning to the main story. If you're considering a "trial" for viewing this Anime before you commit to it, I'd recommend watching at least 20 episodes before deciding whether you'll dislike it or not. 

8/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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This anime is amazing.

I grew up with it as a kid, and as I got olde and was able to understand, I rewatched it.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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No, I didn't grow up with this show and I am kinda disappointed with that. However I started watching it at the age of thirteen and fell in love with it. I can wholeheartly tell you that if you watch this anime, you will not be dissatisfied with it. This is a classic and you will not find another like it. I will warn you that this series is long so many people do drop the series in the middle of it. So this series may not be for everyone.

Let me list a few things which you will see in this anime

1. Animals Ears + Tails

2. Love Triangle 

3. Tragedy

4. Demons/Monsters

5. School Girl 

6. Perverted Monk

7. Two Dimension (Girl goes back in time.)

8. Supernatural

You are probably wanting to run far away, but please do not! I know, all the things listed are overused and just isn't exciting anymore. I promise you though, this is refreshing and just overall fun to watch. There is a reason why this anime had to make two endings, yes two. Many, and I mean many people kept complaining and wanted another ending. So there was another season, way shorter. 

Careful, this anime can make you cry. Most of the time, it makes you feel happy inside and you won't even notice that you've been smiling for hours. Girls, you will giggle and point out how cute some characters are. All the "men" watching, you will enjoy this anime too. A lot of battling and it doesn't feel very overpowered. Like the girls, you will be pointing out how cool some characters are. 

Being old, this anime doesn't feel like it at all. The story is good, animation is amazing, characters are brillant and all have flaws. Some characters are better than others which is my reason for giving it a seven out of ten. The main character, the girl is not that great. She can be amazing and look like a boss, other times she's just useless. She is mostly there for the love triangle, I think anyway. I wouldn't hate her for that though, she does have her good moments. 

8/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Honestly, while growing up I watched a lot of anime that I don't really remember. But, InuYasha is one that stuck with me for ages and helped me to branch off into other anime. I love the characters as well as the situations they all face and have to go through as well as the comedic parts....

9.5/10 story
?/10 animation
10/10 sound
?/10 characters
10/10 overall
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I want someone to rip Inuyasha's ears off and throw him into a ditch. Why? I love him too much.

AS ALWAYS: May contain spoilers idk.

I saw this anime a VERY long time ago, but continue to rewatch certain filler episodes for laughs. I plan to rewatch the entire series at some point when I have literally nothing to watch or read.

I remember the day I saw episode 1 like it was yesterday. Thank god it wasn't yesterday, either. My childhood sucked. The year was 2005 and Adult Swim on Demand started airing Inuyasha. Back then, I used to watch everything and anything I could because I thought watching anime made me cool. If I never watched Inuyasha and I read the plot summary now, I probably wouldn't watch it.

Inuyasha's fierce and rude attitude of course turned me on even at 8 years old. Little me had a bias towards rude, cold anime guys. Surprisingly, I did not find Kagome annoying. Her english voice actor can indeed make you want to rip your hair out and shove it so deep inside yourself you end up slicing your internal organs and bleed out your mouth, but Richard Cox easily comes to aid with his amazing voice acting that seems to fit our immature and ever curious Inuyasha.

Our fated to be in-love main duo eventually meet up with three other nicely developed characters, Shippo, Miroku, and Sango. I can't say the romance between Miroku and Sango was surprising, but it was nice to see. I enjoyed all of the comic relief scenes and seeing Inuyasha grow protective and jealous over Kagome was simply beautiful and hilarious knowing a few episodes back before they met Miroku he left her to die.

An Inuyasha review wouldn't be complete without mentioning the enigma that is Sesshomaru. What is wrong with him? Why is he so hot? Does he know he's hot? He can cure droughts I'm sure of it. The relationship between Sesshomaru, Jakin, and Rin was endearing and even cold-hearted Sesshy has a weak spot for those closest to him.

I enjoyed the many different demons that were introduced throughout the series and always found myself excited to see how our lovely group would execute them. Because of Inuyasha, I began to love anime set in the past. It's somehow nostalgic in a way.

Wait a minute...I forgot to mention Kikyo...Ugh, do I have to?

I feel bad because ten years later I still don't like her. Yes, the woman has been through a lot and her own reincarnation has taken the man she once loved. Kikyo is a strong woman who can fend for herself and that means she won't care that I don't like her! Right, Kikyo?

Kikyo: No.

Well, I tried. Inuyasha is a timeless classic and despite its genre, it can appeal to many age groups and gather many fans.

A solid 8.5 from me. What do you think?

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
8.5/10 overall