InuYasha: The Final Act


BiyodenKitty's avatar By on Nov 2, 2009

The best thing about this season is that the story is moving much faster than it had before. With the start of the first episode, it pick up where we left off and quickly progresses. So far there has been one filler, and even that ended with a note of relevence to the rest of the story.

The characters are still the same, but they all are shraing the screen time. No more meloncoly monolouges from Kagome, or staring contests between InuYasha and some random memory from his troubled childhood.

All the best characters are back like Sheshomaru, Jakken, and Rin; Muroku and Sango; Kohaku, Kikio, Kouga, and all of Naraku's little children. The best part is that people are starting to die, which is really going to move the story along. Major changes are occuring as the focus moves away from relationship fanfare to getting to the bottom of this everlasting story.

A few new characters have been introduced, but thses charaters won;t damper the story by proluging it and causing the story to veer off track. If you are a fan or you were a fan, you should go to the VIZ website and watch the streams. At the least, it'll provide closure and we'll finally get to see if Naraku will win or loose. No more get away scenes please!

Animation is the same, although the opening and ending animations still remain to be at a high quality. Do As Infinity sings the opening song, which is decent. AAA sings the ending, and I have to admit that the rock ballad grows on you.

8/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
7/10 overall
iScreamParty's avatar By on Apr 22, 2010

I know that many people weren’t really satisfied with the previous InuYasha due to repetition and even though InuYasha has always been my all time favorite anime, I have to admit that it was once repetitive and really dragging on and on.

However, in the Final Act, this is no longer the case. Finally, each and every episode has a significant movement to the main plot. Almost all of the characters are getting stronger and romance is progressing.

Sesshomaru is also getting his role shown more often, which is win for the Sesshy-fans!

Inuyasha is still very childish, but he’s more open to his own true feelings and even though it bugs me a bit that a lot of good things that happen they give credit purely to Kikyo, she’s still out of the story, no longer string the pot… at least, so far (let’s just hope she doesn’t come back to life again).

Let's just say, this series really pull back the name of Inuyasha to the favorites list. For Inuyasha fans, this is practically the part we've all been waiting for.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
10/10 overall
WillOfTheAbyss's avatar By on Aug 15, 2010

This is now officialy my fauvorite anime EVER!!! The ending was so touching I loved it all so much.

It was an amazing story that came to an end I will never forget this anime for as long as I live even though it took me less than 2 weeks to watch it all I will remember this as the best anime I've watched.

You can all be sure that there isn't an anime quite like InuYasha I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
katiedawn121's avatar By on Jul 26, 2011

I couldn't wait for it to be dubbed in English, I just had to watch it now ... and it was worth it, in my opinion. I admit, the story plot was a little hard to follow once in awhile, but they covered things that hadn't been covered in the original series. Also, they ended it better than they ended the original series. So overall, I was impressed. One last thing: I cried during a lot of episodes ...

9.5/10 story
10/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
Vehementi's avatar By on Jun 9, 2012

Maybe I missed something or forgot something in the other series but by the end there felt like there were a lot of plot holes.

Combat art wasn't too bad but it felt at times that Inuyasha's sword was just a swiss army knife. It seemed to have it's own personality but no one once ever wanted to give an episode where it tried to speak with him. Sorta thought that would give it a nice touch, rather than "my sword is throbbing it's trying to tell me something!" I mean that just comes off as a innuendo.

Sooo Spoiler ALERTS!

Spoiler ALERTS!

Spoiler ALERTS!

Art work and music were alright though not sure why hell looked like outer space... I mean Kogome is from our era right? All normal education like science, math, language, etc... Yet she never said " ! I can be breath in space?!" I mean honestly if hell looks like stars, nebulas and planets than well Earth is floating within hell and that big flashy Medio doesn't do much if we apparently can breath in there/out there.

In the end she ends up leaving her time to live with Inuyasha for good, her mom just lets her leave. So all those episodes of her desperately trying to continue her education... Were for what? Just to prolong the series? Now all of a sudden she feels like becoming a new Kikyo? Traveling around praying and helping others as a actual priestess? This also would mean Kagome is named after her self quite literally.

Now before the ending shes been able to go through the well all willie nilly and so has Inuyasha yet I recall quite a few times in the other series them making remarks about "with out the jewel I can't go back to my time!" and Inuyasha falling into an empty well in vein trying to get to her, since he had no shards on him.

Then all of a sudden with 2 episodes to go they decided to do Character Development on Naraku. I mean Kagome goes through a long speech basicly asking Naraku "Why?" to which Naraku remarks "Why are you asking this now?"Really the series is about to end and we have all accepted him as a big badie who just wants to fill the typical I want to rule all and be evil villain. So now it is revealed that Naraku and Onigumo shared the same wish in being with kikyo... So all those times getting her killed and trying to kill her corpse... Was because he wanted to be with her... ... ...

Then there's the rather loose curse on the monk... "The villain is damaged so my wind tunnel is fading!" But uh... the curse was he's killed and it get weaker... I mean if that's the case it should have had the same effect when Naraku had allllllll those other close calls. There's also the fact... Naraku could have really weakened the group if he gave the monk this choice "Leave your group, take Sango with you and go back to the life of helping random villagers and I'll end the curse. " That would easily have made things a lot easier for this "I predict everything but I appear to be a real idiot" villain.

There's also the issue with the medio in the end... Once before when they were in there it was just a bridge pathway to the other side... Then within the medio it became a black hole that sucks you into the other side... Then it becomes just space the final frontier these are our love birds on the star ship Depsaiga. Their ongoing mission to explore new plot issues and to boldly derp where no one has gone before.

(if certain events were changed) The series could have ended with kikyo barely alive saying to Naraku "Naraku please come here I don't... Have long.. left.. I want to tell you.. something..." Seeing as his entire existence was basically 'if I can't have you then I'll destroy everything' he would go to her. Kikyo's soul tentacle things would then latch onto him to which she would shout "Now use the Medio now!" Boom Kikyo pulls Naraku into hell with her. The end. Naraku and the shikon Jewel are trapped together in hell with no escape. True there would be a time paradox but it is never really explained what religion of reincarnation this series follows so that's a bit moot.

So yeah not very happy with the series and not sure how so many people can just fall all over it when there were these problems with it.

Though it did amuse me how everyone kept comparing Naraku to a TARDIS "It's bigger on the inside!" Dun dun dun whooo weee woooo wii wooo *rolls eyes* Now I just wonder who's the timelord.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
5/10 overall