InuYasha: The Final Act

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Naraku has completely tainted the Shikon jewel, and with only a few shards left to claim, he’ll soon be invincible. Inuyasha, Kagome and the rest of their companions are the only ones who stand in the man’s way, and he’ll stop at nothing to see their demise. But the motley crew of heroes has their own personal hurdles to overcome on the way to victory, such as Kagome settling her rivalry with Kikyo, Sango coming to terms with her living corpse of a brother, Miroku’s impending demise from his ever-widening wind tunnel, and Inuyasha’s quest to discover the true purpose of the two swords left to he and his brother, Sesshomaru. One thing’s for sure, the gang’s struggles will only make them stronger as they prepare for the biggest battle in the history of feudal Japan!

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BiyodenKitty's avatar by BiyodenKitty on Nov 2, 2009
Score: 7/10

The best thing about this season is that the story is moving much faster than it had before. With the start of the first episode, it pick up where we left off and quickly progresses. So far there has been one filler, and even that ended with a note of relevence to the rest of the story.The characters are still the same, but they all are shraing the screen time. No more meloncoly monolouges from Kagome, or... read more

iScreamParty's avatar by iScreamParty on Apr 22, 2010
Score: 10/10

I know that many people weren’t really satisfied with the previous InuYasha due to repetition and even though InuYasha has always been my all time favorite anime, I have to admit that it was once repetitive and really dragging on and on. However, in the Final Act, this is no longer the case. Finally, each and every episode has a significant movement to the main plot. Almost all of the characters are... read more

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