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Custom Lists

Highly Recommendedby scarrletmoon

Because people keep asking what's good and I always forget WHAT'S GOOD . Roughly in order of ~5 stars to ~4.5 stars.

My Personal Anime Collection 2015by Nerdlinger

This is a list of all Anime movies, OVAs, incomplete and complete series I own.

What any anime fan sould have to watch to be a SHOEme

My take on the need to watch "ANIME". No such order, will add when I find more.

Must watch!by liamb1996

A collection of anime from my list which is definitely a must watch!

Must watch before dying list for beginnersby chrono9665

Quite literally a list of the anime one should definitely watch before dying. the list is designed to cover the vastness of "anime" and everything that's possible in the medium. First, the best anime movie followed by the best anime series. Then a...

Greatest Anime Moviesby ergunnbaxter

Top # Anime Movies... no particular order.

Mecha Shows You Need to Seeby TheGreatMoof

A list of my favorite mecha anime, including some obscure classics that seem to have fallen betweem the cracks.