Initial D

TV (26 eps)
4.185 out of 5 from 6,658 votes
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18 year-old Takumi has been delivering tofu for his father's shop since he was 13, learning to drive fast in all weather conditions. One night he is seen racing down the mountain by Keisuke, one of the best amateur racers in Japan. Quickly overtaken by Takumi, Keisuke vows to challenge the White Hachi Roku and discover the mystery behind its driver's skills.

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ParaParaJMo's avatar by ParaParaJMo on Mar 13, 2014
Score: 8/10

At first, I’ll admit that I did not think I would like the concept at first, but other factors which I will further elaborate on would keep on pulling me into this franchise and would like it more and more. I know it’s not the most exciting or appealing anime, and that I’m not the biggest gear head, but I felt something special about this one. Even though Takumi is not exactly the most... read more

PandaBeard's avatar by PandaBeard on Nov 12, 2010
Score: 5.5/10

Now, I could spit off the worse JDM puns. Thankfully I am above that and will spare my Otaku brethren o(^▽^)o. After about 15 years worth of a horrible smoking habit.Years of smoking,damaging the interior my car had always left me uninterested in the care of cars and car culture, especially JDM (Japanese Imports). Now, after kicking the habit I am finally paying more attention into the maintenance of my... read more

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