Initial D Final Stage

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Wangan Midnight

Wangan Midnight

Asakura Akio is a young student and street racer who has a beloved car – a first generation S30 Nissan Fairlady 240 Z. Immediately upon discovering it in a scrap yard he's attracted to it, an attraction that later grows into an obsession. After restoring the car to its former glory with his friends he takes it down a stretch of highway known as Wangan to challenge its king, the "Black Bird." The more Asakura learns about the car and its dark history, the more he wants to master driving this dangerous "Akuma no Z" (The Devil's Z) and claim the title of Wangan's master for himself...


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Nicknames Nicknames says...

If there's one word that'd describe both anime that'd be intense. Not only they share the same genre and are about a teenager who likes racing but they have the same feeling, and you can't help but feel excited everytime you watch them. Of course there are some differences, like Wangan Midnight being more focused in tuning and racing in highways while Initial D is centered in improving their own skills and racing in mountain passes, but if you liked Initial D you'd enjoy Wangan Midnight anyway.