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Initial D

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4.159 out of 5 from 5,992 votes
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18 year-old Takumi has been delivering tofu for his father's shop since he was 13, learning to drive fast in all weather conditions. One night he is seen racing down the mountain by Keisuke, one of the best amateur racers in Japan. Quickly overtaken by Takumi, Keisuke vows to challenge the White Hachi Roku and discover the mystery behind its driver's skills.


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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Initial D Second Stage TV 1999 TBD
Initial D Third Stage Movie 2001 TBD
Initial D Extra Stage OVA 2001 TBD
Initial D Battle Stage OVA 2002 TBD
Initial D Fourth Stage TV 2004 TBD
Initial D Battle Stage 2 OVA 2007 TBD
Initial D Extra Stage 2: Tabidachi no Green OVA 2008 TBD
Initial D Fifth Stage TV 2012 TBD
New Initial D Movie: Legend 1 - Kakusei Movie 2014 TBD
Initial D Final Stage TV 2014 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Initial D 1995 TBD
Name Role
Noboru FURUSE Character Design
Shin MISAWA Director
Ryuichi KATSUMATA Music
Shuichi SHIGENO Original Manga Creator

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Title Author Score Date
Initial D ParaParaJMo 8/10 Mar 13, 2014
Initial D Shinmaru 6/10 Dec 20, 2012
Initial D Jellal 8/10 Feb 6, 2011
Post Name Username Comments Date
Initial D Arcade Stage bluebush56 0 May 20, 12
Ugh Annoying Szwagier 1 Mar 31, 10
Initial D watching order chii 2 Feb 5, 10
IronSamurai rated the Initial D anime 5/5 stars
IronSamurai rated the Initial D anime 3/5 stars
IronSamurai watched Initial D at 26 of 26 episodes
faith95 wants to watch Initial D
kmdziak removed the Initial D anime from their anime list

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Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo

Ippo Makunouchi is a loser. He has no friends, he spends his free time helping his mom with work, and he's constantly being beaten up by bullies. But that all changes when one day he's saved from another beating by Takamura, an up-and-coming boxer. Soon, Ippo turns his life around with a passion for the newly discovered sport, but his new lifestyle is far from easy! Before he can even dream of becoming champion, he'll have to overcome a slew of fierce rivals and learn what 'dedication' really means.

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Both Initial D and Hajime no Ippo have a presentation that make an otherwise borring subject (to me, at least) very exciting. My friends and I have taken up amature boxing because of it.
Both these series are about an unknown sports hero. When that genius is discovered his abilities make him a competitor to watch out for! Watch closely on how these guys take out fierce rivals.
Both of these sports anime fit the stereotypical features of the genre: a young male gets involved in a sport, and soon his natural talent and guts awaken his competitive spirit and he becomes a serious competitor. Hajime is about boxing, and Initial D is about illegal street racing. While the art styles, music, and subject matters are totally different for both series, those who like the sports genre will probably enjoy both.

Both highly addictive sport anime with the similar theme of a boy starting out shyly to evolve into high skilled and famed individuals.


Initial D and Hajime no Ippo are both uplifting coming-of-age shounen shows about an underdog protagonist taking on the world, but they're not saturday morning kiddy shounen. Both take their subject matter (mountain pass racing and boxing) very seriously, especially towards the later episodes / seasons. Plots are based on accurate technical details and intricate battle strategies, and the protagonist's neverending strive to win. Hajime no Ippo is a bit more humorous and fast-paced than Initial D, but if you enjoy immersing yourself in a world like racing or boxing and rooting for the protagonist, you'll surely like both of these shows.


Both Initial D and Hajime no Ippo take a specific subject and suck you into its world, wheather you like it or not, and in the process teach you all about it. Both are amazing and have very likable protagonists.



Taira Capeta has spent his entire young life being a good and dutiful son to his hardworking but impoverished widower father. Only once has his father seen him show any personal wants or needs -- when he saw a model car in a toy shop. Despite his lack of cash, his father has hatched a naïve plan to give Capeta the ultimate gift: his dreams fulfilled. From a modest beginning, Capeta, with the help of his father and his good friends Nobu and Monami, embarks upon an amateur career as a go-kart racer, aiming for the ultimate prize -- graduation into the professional ranks of formula racing. But will his poverty cause his dreams to fail?


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Both of these popular series focus on the same thing: racing!

That's not all there is to them, though! The most significant part of both stories is the development of the drivers, both in their racing skills and their continuing life experiences.

The racing is fantastic and extreme, but always within the bounds of possibility. The character development is constantly ongoing and the close friends and associates of the main character have surprisingly large roles to play.

Both are high quality anime featuring drivers of the youngest age possible and you get to watch them develop into the fastest drivers around. Excellent stuff!


Initial D and Capeta have awesome racing, great speed, and drivers who aim to be the best in their own style of racing. Initial D involves downhill and uphill mountain racing, and Capeta is about kart racing and F1 cars.


The uncanny resemblance between Capeta and Initial D is hard to miss; even more so once you watch them. While the characters and settings are different, the general concept remains.


Capeta and Initial D have one very obvious similarity: they are both anime about racing. Yet the similarities aren't only that shallow. The tads of humor and the unprofessional start of the main character are great examples of why these two should be recommended for each other. Both also give a sufficient amount of technical information, which give the car maniacs something extra as well.


It's like the mini version of initial D.  Go-Carts are faster then you know. Loved the story.  Will we see more of when Capeta is driving F1 cars ?

Wangan Midnight

Wangan Midnight

Asakura Akio is a young student and street racer who has a beloved car – a first generation S30 Nissan Fairlady 240 Z. Immediately upon discovering it in a scrap yard he's attracted to it, an attraction that later grows into an obsession. After restoring the car to its former glory with his friends he takes it down a stretch of highway known as Wangan to challenge its king, the "Black Bird." The more Asakura learns about the car and its dark history, the more he wants to master driving this dangerous "Akuma no Z" (The Devil's Z) and claim the title of Wangan's master for himself...


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Both Wangan Midnight and Initial D are about a high school student who street races with a car (and he loves to race). If you liked one you'd like the other.


Both Initial D and Wangan Midnight are amazing in their own ways. You will be amazed at watching these two stories and seeing how both main characters surpass all limitations and become kings. The amazing cinematics make your heart race as the characters pull out near impossible feats to win. If you're an avid fan of the blacktop, you won't want to miss these.


Both protagonist start from nothing and work their way to be racing kings. Wangan Midnight is clearly animated to look exactly like Initial D. Only difference between the shows are; Wangan takes place in highways whereas Initial D is about hillroads and Wangan is more about tuning than improving one's driving skills to reach max speed.


If there's one word that'd describe both anime that'd be intense. Not only they share the same genre and are about a teenager who likes racing but they have the same feeling, and you can't help but feel excited everytime you watch them. Of course there are some differences, like Wangan Midnight being more focused in tuning and racing in highways while Initial D is centered in improving their own skills and racing in mountain passes, but if you liked one you'd enjoy the other anyway.


Both are very similar. The big difference is that Initial D is about driver's skill and technique but in Wangan it's about the car itself and how good it's tuned.

Needless to say Initial D is more exciting and better. If you liked one you will enjoy the other, ideally it would be better if you watched Wangan first instead of Inital D though.



In the relative near future, fossil fuel cars have gone the way of the dinosaur -- electric cars rule the landscape. And when these electric cars go bad, it’s up to the Ex-Drivers to stop them! Join Lisa and Lorna as they encounter situations revolving around them putting their souped up cars’ pedals to the metal in a showdown of slick cars and hot drivers. Speed is the name of the game and the stakes rise quicker than an RPM gauge in overdrive!

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Well ex driver does have cars... so if you cant get enough of fast driving then fill your boots.. however, if you enjoyed initial d for is strangely compelling characters and their little subplots then this is not really going to do it for you. But then again, who didnt like the racing? ;)
With the same love for cars eX-Driver has a cast of characters set in the motor head lifestyle. eX-Driver is a little lighter on story and character development then Initial-D but both fun to watch atleast for some fanservice.

If you like races and driving fast, Initial D and eX-Driver are some of the few choices you have. Initial D has better character designs and comedy than eX-driver, while eX-Driver has more of a speed feeling. And of course, there are plenty and plenty of races in both.


Those are good choices for all car loving anime fans. Good plot, decent animation and great music. Add outstanding street races and you have a clear image of what ID and ED have to show. If you liked one you definitelly won't be dissapointed with the other.

Prince of Tennis

Prince of Tennis

Meet Ryoma Echizen, the cocky prince of tennis. He comes to Japan from America where he is known as the Prince of Tennis – but that is no surprise considering he is the son of the former tennis pro, Nanjiroh Echizen, otherwise known as the Samurai! Upon transferring to the school Seishun Gakuen, he meets the regulars of the tennis club, and becomes the first freshman to become a regular; but he has a lot to learn yet about being a tennis star. Ryoma, along with the rest of his teammates, aspire to win the Nationals; but first, they must defeat the other teams which stand in their way!

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Again, Prince of Tennis and Hajime no Ippo have a presentation that make an otherwise borring subject (to me, at least) very exciting.
the quiet kid that no one expects to do anything is a whiz at (insert anime title here) following this line of thinking, there is a clear parallel between these two animes... all in all youll be surprised at how much the feeling you get off of both of these is the same
A hero nobody knew existed, when his hidden talent unfolds everyone is taken by surprise, both of these are very simular in that way...

Both revolve around a talented protagonist that was 'brought up' in their respective sport.  The main reason why each are so enjoyable (w/ maybe a few episodes of the pack that aren't so much) is because they each develop supporting characters and the interaction towards each other.  All in all very good times as I would presume if you liked one; you'll definitely like the other.

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