Infinite Stratos

Alt titles: IS: Infinite Stratos


eaper's avatar By on Apr 4, 2011

Oh Infinite Stratos- the acclaimed "most cliched series. Ever." And I believe it does a fairly good job living up to your name. This is where many will ask "wait, are cliches all that bad? If they are done so often, doesn't that mean they have some merit?" Well, that depends. In this case- no. With a few exceptions, mainly stemming from the money pumped into this series, there is little to say was done well in this show, with one bright, shining exception, which will be latter addressed. Anyways, on to the review proper. Note, slight spoilers in the story section explaining why it is so horrible.

Story: 2/10

So, if you decide you want to make a series that has a lot of boobs, some action, and little forsight, mix all your hopes and dreams together, what do you get? This. Poo. A series that explains the larger mysteries in the end by saying "I did it because I'm a genius and I could." Really? Wait, part of the explination is also "well, this suit can do stuff like that for no real reason, don't ask me why." Other than that, the complete ass-grab of random powers they never show before that moment, the fact that one of the girls was taking on 4 at once, but seemed of almost no help for the final boss, the "well, Charles' parents apparently don't care anymore if EVERYONE knows they were lying and she's a girl" all mix together for a horrible story. Also, they go to a school full of IS piolets, taught by IS piolets. Why the hell don't some of the teachers or upper classmen help this ragtag bunch of first years? Seriously?

Animation: 8/10

Well, when you say "hey, there will be A LOT of girls that fufill all sorts of fetishes in this series," some dumb producer is probably going to pour way too much money into it an make it pretty. That's the case here.

Sound: 5/10

The OP and ED are almost catchy. The sound in the series is unremarkable. The voice actress for several of the characters, however, are quite good. Rising starlettes such as Yōko Hikasa (Mio from K-On!), and Kana Hanazawa (from... almost every series in the last 2 seasons or so) are tempered with the more vetern Marina Inoue and Yukana making for a very strong vocal cast.

Characters: 5/10

Despite only being 5/10, a character, Charles, is the BEST part of the crap show. And Laura was good for about... 3 of the 6 episodes she appeared in. Then they made her all deredere and it sucked. I really had hope for her... Anyways, other than Charles, the other characters are all super-cliched stereotypes ranging from tsundere to oujo-sama. The main character is your proto-typical, happy go lucky, libido-less character that ignores... almost anything going around him.

Overall: No. Just no. Maybe just watch Charles' arc then delete the rest of the series. But... no.

2/10 story
8/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
FullmetalShinobi42's avatar By on Apr 20, 2011

I really love the concept of this anime, and the characters are very well done. They are engaging and riotously funny at times.

However, this anime has a lame storyline. It is far too short, and has no kind of climax or resolution to the damn story.

Overall, this anime is worth watching, but definitely not the best I have ever seen.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
kingofdemons's avatar By on May 23, 2015

Story: I liked how they did the intro to the anime and how they showed us the Characters and there suits as well, and all so explaining what each one dose.

Animation: To me it was a little better then your normal anime is but not to crazy good, or at least for me.

Sound: Spot on with the sound

Characters: Super cool Characters, one of the best cat that I have seen super funny and I love Laura Bodewig she is my fav

9.3/10 story
9.2/10 animation
10/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
10/10 overall
Bobnotk's avatar By on Jan 6, 2011





After watching the first episode I though I should write this review.


Story:  The whole "The MC is the only male capable of piloting a mech that only females can pilot" is so cliche that it hurts.  Opens the series up for a obvious harem feel (I hope it does not become a harem anime).

Animation:  From the first episode it looks pretty good, the CG in the opening IS battle seemed flowing and well animated.  As of the first episode I have not seen any of the lazy animation tactics that have been used in other anime.

Characters:  Not enough time has been spent with character development.  But there are the chiche characters that make it into almost every anime; the Childhood Friend (been away for 6 years instead of the stereotypical 5), the stuck-up elitest with the blond hair (With a twist, she is from the UK and not America), and the strict teacher (she is also the MC's sister).  The MC is not the pervert that many would expect from the only guy in an entire school, when he is out in the hall of the dorms with about 25 girls in pajamas(not too revealing, but it is enough) our guy begs for his room-mate (The Childhood Friend) to let him back into the room; also when trying to defend himself from the CHF(ChildHood Friend) he uses the CHF's Shinai it accednetly picks up one of her bras and the MC asks "What is this?" and makes the statement that the CHF has started wearing a bra.


Overall I can see this becoming a favorite series of mine, the ranking all depends on the amount of fanservice in future episodes as well as if the series becomes the typical harem anime that it looks like it is going to be.

?/10 story
8/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
8/10 overall
randomredneck's avatar By on Apr 1, 2011

Hello fellow anime viewers. It's another review from RandomRedneck. Seeing as its April fools day, I'm reviewing a show so stuffed full of cliche and uninteresting...stuff that it could count as a joke itself. I speak of IS: Infinite Stratos. A show that tries the old method of "Mix harem plot with X" and falls well short. Let's begin, shall we? Warning. Some spoilers ahead.


Whoever wrote this apparently just threw some darts at the board of typical anime story types, and threw it in here. This show can't make up its mind. Is it a harem high school show? Mech fighting show? Enjoy trying to figure it out. See those fancy armor suits? Yeah, you can count the times they matter in an episode on one hand. The story is so reliant on the same old thing, you can see the jokes coming a mile away. And I'm not even getting into the idiocy of the last three episodes, which include at least three deus ex machina powers, and some legendary character never mentioned until episode 11 suddenly becoming important.


Now I will give credit where credit is due. The animation is actually pretty good. The characters all look pretty good, and the scenes involving the IS units are pretty well animated. Though the CGI used for them is a little conspicuous at times.


Another subject where I'll be kind of nice. The music is all right. The score is passable, and the ending theme is damn catchy in my opinion. Opening theme? Not so much.


Characters. Oh boy, I was waiting to get to this part. The characters in this show are some of the most insufferable group of harem characters I've ever seen. With the exception of Charles/Charlotte, who I liked, as did many others for some reason, you're not gonna get award winning characters here. We have Ichika. Our "hero" and the typical clueless protagonist of a show like this. Five girls want a piece of him, and of course, he barely notices them. He fills out the annoying roles you'd expect. The super special teenager, save everybody guy. He is such a bad lead, that I feel like smacking him. Next we have his main love interest, Houki. Can you guess what she is? Yup, the childhood friend, now tsundere character. She isn't really that captivating. Tsun-tsun here, dere-dere there, exactly what you expect. And yes, even though we don't get much lead up, she is the one Ichika picks. Shocker huh? We have three other girls, Cecilia, Rin, and Laura, but they pretty much exist to take up space, and crave Ichika's c**k. Seriously, Cecilia and Laura have potential when they are introduced. Cecilia is the rich bitch, Laura just a regular bitch. After losing a fight to Ichika? They lost all traces of characterization, and become members of the drooling fan club for the moron. just there. Characters are one of this shows BIG flaws.


Save yourself the time and avoid Infinite Stratos. If you don't mind the typical story and characters this show has, you probably won't mind this show. Hate that sort of thing? Steer clear. Thank you.

Yours truly


4/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall