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Despite being the only male capable of piloting an Infinite Stratos, Ichika has finally settled in to life at Infinite Stratos Academy. Unfortunately, living in a school full of competitive girls with giant robots has more hazards than perks as the fight for Ichika’s affections continues. And it’s not long before a new enemy appears- one with a very unexpected tie to Ichika and a plot to steal the Byakushi for its own evil purposes!

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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  • The Memory of a Summer image

    Episode 1

    The Memory of a Summer

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    Episode 2

    Heart Pain Killer

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    Episode 3

    Translucent chord of Cinderella's heel

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    The Mysterious Lady

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    Lovely Style

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    Episode 6

    The Secret Base

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    Episode 7


  • Open Your Heart image

    Episode 8

    Open Your Heart

  • The Requirements for a Hero image

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    The Requirements for a Hero

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    Episode 10

    Cooking My Way

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    Episode 11

    Looking For Memories

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    Episode 12

    Girls Over

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MOJ's avatar by MOJ on Dec 21, 2013
Score 4/10

Intern: Sir, the last season was well recieved by many, but I believe we added in too many characters.

Producer: *Burp* Waaa....? Naw kid, you've got al..*hic*ot to learn. We need moar boobs, panties and girls, and less IQ, character development and content.  Intern: But sir, we already have 5 girls, we don't have space for anymor.... Producer: Shuut yer trap imbecile. We haven't covered all the... read more

tollie01's avatar by tollie01 on May 5, 2016
Score 3/10

Right, it's confession time for me. If you have been reading my reviews than you may have noticed that I tend to rip the anime a new one. There is a reason for this though and it has to do with the fact that I can't turn my brain off when watching anime. I can't ignore the stupid shown in the anime and this is a problem as most anime are very stupid indeed. In this case I'm not talking about a 90 pound girl... read more

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