Infinite Ryvius

Alt title: Mugen no Ryvius

TV (26 eps)
3.643 of 5 from 2,025 votes
Rank #1,706

In 2137 AD, the sun released a massive flare across the solar system, creating the Geduld, a dense field of plasma and debris. In the midst of a routine descent into the Geduld's upper layers, the training ship Liebe Delta is crippled by a terrorist attack, killing the trainers and command crew - and exposing the vessel’s military secrets, which may hold the survivors’ only hope. With nowhere to hide from their darkest fears, the young trainees must work together to navigate the ravages of a solar system filled with mysterious, powerful foes. Yet, as the ship is forced into greater isolation and its inhabitants become increasingly desperate, they must struggle to survive against not only the forces that pursue them relentlessly... but also each other.

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mariprosa's avatar by mariprosa on Apr 3, 2008
Score 8.5/10

Infinite Ryvius is a series that's quite in a league of its own, both for the time it was produced and also for featuring one of the largest views on a group of characters I had ever watched in an anime series to date.  Focusing on a group of students who find themselves stranded in space after a tragic accident, Infinite Ryvius chronicles their attempts to journey home while facing... read more

Sheex's avatar by Sheex on Jan 16, 2008
Score 6/10

Were William Golding to have written Lord of the Flies in a futuristic setting, he would have done so precisely in the mold of Infinite Ryvius.  Unfortunately, Golding most likely would have produced a much more polished and solid work, as, while Ryvius has its strengths, it's riddled with a number of flaws that demote the series from greatness to mediocrity.  Still, the similarities... read more

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