Inferno Cop

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Naga's avatar by Naga on Jun 2, 2013
Score: 2.5/10

How can something so dumb and so bad be so god damn addictive and funny… Trigger, Studio Fucking Trigger, ala ex-Ganiax. There’s just too much goodness about this show, almost as much as flaws (only real flaw about this anime is that there's no more of it)… but that hardly matters in this kind of anime. It’s not trying to achieve anything past being hilarious and fun to watch. It... read more

MichaelLaPlace's avatar by MichaelLaPlace on Mar 22, 2013
Score: 2/10

You might've heard about this anime and how people are calling it 'Anime of the Year' and 'Best Anime Ever'.  Well, guess what?  They're all pulling your leg.  As it turns out, this anime is nothing more than an ugly, poorly-constructed web series with almost no redeeming value.  Here's why: Story: 1
Three minutes per episode isn't a whole lot of time to develop a story.  Almost... read more

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