Inazuma Eleven GO

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It’s been ten years since team Inazuma Japan, comprised mostly of students from Raimon Junior High, won the worldwide soccer tournament known as Football Frontier International. Using that victory as a springboard, the once near-defunct soccer club now has a whole building dedicated to it, and has even become a top choice for incoming students. One such youth is Tenma Matsukaze, a new enrollee who has been looking forward to joining the famed team for years. However what he finds shortly after becoming a member is shocking - youth soccer has come under the control of a mysterious group known as the Fifth Sector, and most of the match results are predetermined! Now Tenma, along with the help of a certain Raimon player from years past, must convince his new teammates to stand up to the feared organization and restore integrity to the game he loves so much!

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MageOnx's avatar by MageOnx on Oct 25, 2011
Score: 7/10 Inzuma Eleven GO features the same characters and holds onto almost the same mood as its predecessor - but with a few key differences. Firstly, since a lot of time... read more

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