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Hiiragi Hitonari is a talented basketball player, who can't seem to escape from being in the shadow of his older brother, a college-level basketball star. As a member of the Kouzu High basketball team, Hitonari has to deal with many pressures, such as excelling in his field with a sub-par team, and beating his friend and rival Tachibana Akane. But when Tsurugizaki, an elite high school with a notoriously good team, tries to recruit Hitonari, Akane and the rest of the team won't let go without a fight!

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Rbastid May 13, 2014
Score 4/10

It's amazing how something could go from decent to complete garbage all within the time it takes to change episodes. Story - 4/10 First to say this was an OVA seems a bit misleading, from what I can tell it looks like the created a Pilot episode, it didn't get picked up, so instead they hastily put together a second and threw it out there as an OVA, especially seeing the Manga was 14 volumes. If I was... read more

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