il sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion

Alt titles: Day Break Illusion, Gen'ei o Kakeru Taiyou


Custom Lists

magicby AVBUNNY

basically anything with elements of fantasy, whether it be mythical creatures or nonexistent things.

Anime I Plan To Watchby NicoCake

Every single of my plan to watch anime is in this list alphabetically. ( This list is outdated ).

Why I Dropped bvincent

Small Explanations for why I dropped these Anime.

Anime with all-female main castby FinLin

A list of anime I've seen with a main cast of only female characters. I was bored. No sequels added.

co op Candidate New Worldby deathblade1134

havent seen yet, or perhaps only an episode

Anime OPs & EDs I never skipby lalomartins

Most shows, I watch the OP/ED once or twice, then skip for the rest of the show. Not these, no sir. Some of these songs are, to be honest, better than the anime.