Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny

TV (12 eps)
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In the Kanto region, three schools compete with each other to gain dominance over the other territories: Kyosho Academy, led by Sousou Moutoku; Nanyo Academy, led by Sonsaku Hakufu; and Seito High School, led by Ryuubi Gentoku. Ikkitousen, or "Fighters" are the ones partaking in these fights, and each one is acting upon a fate that has been handed down to them for over 1800 years. Moutoku of Nanyo is in search of the Dragon Jade, a mystical orb that is said to be able to change people’s destinies. However, it would seem that she is not the only one interested in this powerful jade. Kyosho Academy is slowly gaining dominance over the land, but will the Ikkitousen’s destinies change before Moutoku conquers every territory?

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KiraRin Jun 2, 2010
Score 5.5/10

A few years ago, I settled down to watch Ikkitousen: a worthy recommendation with the perverted, martial arts classic Tenjou Tenge. It temporarily satisfied my urge for more panty-flashing, ass-kicking action. For some reason, Dragon Destiny has since been toward... read more

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Dralha Nov 11, 2009
Score 8/10

The sequel to Ikki Tousen. Much better animation, with fight scenes that are more fluid and a storyline based loosely on the Chinese classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms. About the same level of ecchi-ness as the first, with a lot of new characters. And Kanu Unchou gets a lot more well-deserved screen time.  read more

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