Idol Project

OVA (4 eps)
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In a world unlike our own, fourteen-year-old Mimu Emilton dreams of becoming an idol. Luckily for her, the search for a new idol is afoot in Starland! During the tryouts, however, she and several other famous idols are whisked away to another world where an intergalactic idol competition is taking place. What better chance for the earthlings to prove their idolness once and for all? With contests abounding and ecchi galore, Mimu certainly has her hands full... but can she become the most famous idol of them all?


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sothis Jan 2, 2005
Score 3.5/10

Ugh. After finishing Idol Project, that's my strongest reaction. Nevertheless, let's start the review, shall we?

As mentioned in the description, Idol Project follows a young girl named Mimu as she strives to become an idol. This anime was presumably made because of Japan's obsession with idols, who tend to do things such as singing, acting, or just prancing around in public looking... read more



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