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Custom Lists

Positive thinking animeby Astelia

Anime you should watch when you feel down and need something nice and reassuring.

Sweet Stories, Cute Facesby mamorukun

This list contains heartwarming stories that are usually combined with cute character design.

Beautiful blueby mamorukun

Anime that fill the screen with nice blue colours. Usually this refers to series or movies that have reached a very good level on animation and use quite a lot cg but there are also some older entries that use alot of blue even if its not in the...

Shortest Route to Studio Badge - Lesson 1: Ghibliby hamletsmage

So, you want to collect all of the studio badges and become an anime master? Well, let's start with one of the smaller badges, the Ghibli badge. This requires 10 anime from Studio Ghibli. Since Studio Ghibli mostly produces movies, this was going to...

Ghibli and Miyazaki Rankedby SentientCrab

Decided to rank every Miyazaki and Ghibli movie.

Ugh listby ferengi4

Animes that just weren't my cup of tea to animes that are just bad period...