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Ibara-Hime mata wa Nemuri-Hime

Alt titles: Briar Rose or The Sleeping Beauty

Ibara-Hime mata wa Nemuri-Hime main image
  • Movie (1 ep x 22 min)
  • 1990
2.965 out of 5 from 45 votes
Rank #2,866


Once upon a time a childless King and Queen were finally blessed with a beautiful daughter. However, the celebrations were cut short when a witch appeared cursing the child to die on her sixteenth birthday by the prick of a spinning wheel – at least, so the tale tells us. In reality the wicked witch was a one-legged man whose very presence struck fear into the Queen, and the magical curse was a fabrication to cover up the truth. On her fifteenth birthday, the young princess discovers her mother’s old diary and learns that the man was the Queen’s first love. Intrigued by the man her mother so adored, she decides to pay him a visit...

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Name Role
Kihachiro KAWAMOTO Director
Svatopluk HAVELKA Music
Alena DETAKOVA Producer

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Main Characters

Briar Rose image Briar Rose


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Secondary Characters

One-Legged Man image One-Legged Man heart unheart
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Queen image Queen


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Minor Characters

King image King heart unheart
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While two monks are on a pilgrimage to Kumano, they seek shelter for the evening at a young woman's house. That night, as they sleep their hostess sneaks into their room and, enamored with the younger of the pair, attempts to seduce him. Desperate to escape her persistent advances, he refuses her promising to seek her out on his return; but unable to contain her burning passion, the woman chases after him. Fleeing for his life, the young monk seeks shelter from his stalker’s demonic aura in the Dojoji Temple, but can the sacred bell and other priests protect him from the insanity of his possessed admirer?

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While one is distinctly western and the other oriental in origin, both of these puppet stop motion pieces focus on obsessive and one-sided loves. Both are also fairly dark in nature.