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I''s Pure

Alt titles: Aizu Pure

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3.268 out of 5 from 2,653 votes
Rank #2,204


It's Christmas Eve and Ichitaka, with his friend Yasuo, await a double date. While waiting for Iori and Nami, Ichitaka reminisces about his experience with his life-long crush Iori. There were many opportunities to finally confess his love to Iori, especially the time when the two were selected to arrange the freshman entrance ceremony; but Ichitaka was either too shy or often misunderstood. The biggest misunderstanding of all was when Ichitaka's childhood friend, Itsuki came to live in Ichitaka's home all the way from the United States...

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
I''s OVA OVA 2002 TBD
I''s Pure Bonus DVD Special 2005 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
I''s 1997 Original Manga
Name Role
Rin-Sin Character Design
Mamoru KANBE Director
Kayo KONISHI Music
Yukio KONDOO Music
Masakazu KATSURA Original Manga Creator
Osamu KOSHINAKA Producer
Ryunosuke TSUNO Producer

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Title Author Score Date
I''s Pure Gakorak 8.5/10 Apr 4, 2011
Aizu Pure Gakorak 8.5/10 Apr 4, 2011
I''s Pure XxSamuraixX 9.5/10 Jan 22, 2010
List Title Username Entries Date
Anime That I watched triniman15 481 Oct 4, 2013
Favorite Romance Tyy 45 Jun 1, 2013
Hyunnie's Watched List yenlin 1715 May 12, 2013
xHarukax wants to watch I''s Pure
ShayGypsyBunny won't watch I''s Pure
Roxyslife watched I''s Pure at 6 of 6 episodes
Mugetsu11 watched I''s Pure at 6 of 6 episodes
sukeruton rated the I''s Pure anime 0.5/5 stars

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White Album

White Album

Touya Fujii is a young university student who juggles two part-time jobs with his studies so that he can afford to live. The most important thing in his life is his girlfriend Yuki, but since she is an up and coming idol they barely get a chance to talk, let alone see each other. With her managers keeping a close watch on her and attempting to prevent their relationship, it seems that Touya and Yuki will simply have to make the most of their fleeting moments together. However, they do have one person fighting in their corner: Yuki’s friend - the famous idol Rina Ogata - hires Touya in order to create opportunities for the pair to be together. Unfortunately he is promptly fired when the production company discover her plan. When she pledges to make it up to him, Touya begins to wonder if Rina is all that she seems, and why is she going to so much trouble for him and Yuki?


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Both revolve around the relationship of a normal student and his up and coming idol girlfriend, also both have a friend who try to create opportunities for the couple but secretly loves the male lead

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