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I''s Pure

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3.255 out of 5 from 2,635 votes
Rank #2,176

User Stats - Dropped

Username Status Eps Rating
2lost4words Dropped 2   not rated
5thas5 Dropped     not rated
Abonimation Dropped 3   not rated
ace52387 Dropped 1   1.5 star rating
aiden0rchad Dropped     not rated
alinacherie Dropped     not rated
AniJesi Dropped     not rated
Animedreamer240 Dropped     not rated
AnimeDreamS Dropped 1   1 star rating
animefetish07 Dropped     not rated
animewatcher293 Dropped 3   1 star rating
Anshar Dropped     not rated
Apus3 Dropped 3   1 star rating
Arcueid Dropped     1 star rating
aSuKa02 Dropped 1   not rated
atropina Dropped 1   not rated
avedenik1 Dropped 1   not rated
billborden Dropped 4   2 star rating
Binkledup Dropped 2   not rated
BlackNeko Dropped 2   1 star rating
Bluedrgn Dropped 3   not rated
brandoman193 Dropped 3   not rated
bryce Dropped 4   2 star rating
canonindmajor Dropped 2   not rated
Capone3830 Dropped 4   3 star rating
catmexlips Dropped     2.5 star rating
Celph Dropped 1   not rated
chamomille Dropped 3   2 star rating
chaos4ever Dropped 1   2 star rating
chloejoei Dropped     not rated
closetotaku3 Dropped 2   2 star rating
CrasHthe2nd Dropped 2   not rated
Cutepie Dropped 1   not rated
Dalai Dropped 2   not rated
DeityofDeath Dropped     not rated
Derpderp Dropped     not rated
desterion Dropped 2   not rated
DFBTG Dropped 2   2.5 star rating
DioX Dropped 1   3 star rating
dj8900 Dropped     not rated
DJKyzer Dropped     not rated
Dreamslayer Dropped 4   3.5 star rating
dvdtrnbghjr Dropped     not rated
eibwen Dropped     not rated
Eitttlane Dropped     not rated
EleniaRairu Dropped     not rated
elneko Dropped     3 star rating
erwindesmond Dropped 2   not rated
FantasyKnight Dropped 1   not rated
firefox Dropped     3 star rating