I My Me! Strawberry Eggs

Alt titles: Strawberry Eggs

TV (13 eps)
3.185 out of 5 from 4,613 votes
Rank #2,498

Hibiki is unemployed, unmotivated, and out of luck. But it seems his luck just might change: a nearby school is looking for qualified instructors, but there's a catch.. females only! With rent looming around the corner and the landlord threatening to cook the dog if you don't pay up, what's a guy to do? Become a woman, of course. Watch Hibiki as he blunders his way through embarassing situations, under the close scrutiny of the headmaster's gaze and his female students' admiration.

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Buumis's avatar by Buumis on Jan 6, 2011
Score: 8/10

Hello all dear viewers, this is my first anime review so don't go very harsh on me.   Story: Story tells about 18-year old Hibiki Amawa who is about to start he's career as a professional teacher. He was unable to pay his monthly rent to his rent owner Lulu Sanjo and is in desperate need of work. He desides to apply near by Seito Sannomiya Private School which declines him because he is a... read more

FreddyCrab's avatar by FreddyCrab on Dec 17, 2011
Score: 6.5/10

Story: I watched this because I was looking for a funny romantic comedy, and it must have been a long time ago when I watched this- I was very new to the anime scene. But even then I could tell after a mere 3 or 4 episodes that this anime showed little to no promise. The story tells of a man who cannot teach at a school because its an all girls school. So what does he do? Why, he dresses up as a woman of... read more



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