Hyper Police

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In a post-apocalyptic future, mankind now lives alongside demons, spirits and other supernatural beings. Everyone is interested in coexistence, but every society has rotten apples. The bounty hunter group "Hyper Police" does its part to catch and contain criminals, and with employees such as the half-cat, half-human Natsuki and Batanen the werewolf, law-breakers better watch out.

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ratchet573 Jun 1, 2014
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Hyper Police Review Based on the English dub   Anyone who knows me or is familiar with my reviews will note I have a soft spot for nineties anime. This could stem from my having grown up on nineties anime and feeling a familiar warmth when encountering the older animation style and conventions of this bygone era. But I personally think it stems from my love for anime that treats itself not as some... read more

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Hyper Police
  • Vol: 10
  • 1993
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