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Hyouge Mono

Hyouge Mono main image more screenshots
3.004 out of 5 from 247 votes
Rank #2,723


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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Hyouge Mono 2005 TBD
Name Role
Yoshimitsu YAMASHITA Character Design
Yoshiaki TSUBATA Character Design
Koichi MASHIMO Director
Ko OTANI Music
Yoshihiro YAMADA Original Manga Creator

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Main Characters

Sasuke FURUTA image Sasuke FURUTA heart unheart
No voice actors found.

Secondary Characters

Nobunaga ODA image Nobunaga ODA heart unheart
No voice actors found.

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Title Author Score Date
Hyouge Mono vakr 8/10 Jun 1, 2011
List Title Username Entries Date
anime order 10th rounds YamiRin 1138 Jan 20, 2014
Stuff I enjoyed most grsh 64 Sep 16, 2013
Why did I stalled this? Fuiripu 24 Jul 19, 2012
Tiranna dropped Hyouge Mono at 7 of 39 episodes
tawon1004 dropped Hyouge Mono at 1 of 39 episodes
DarioX7 won't watch Hyouge Mono
insertfatjokehere dropped Hyouge Mono anime at 2 of 39 episodes
insertfatjokehere dropped Hyouge Mono

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