Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls


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My favorite 1 or 2 season shows from A to Z.by dellsimkin

These shows are all at 1 to 26 episodes. The standard 1 or 2 season shows.No movies or OVA's . Some show have different names for each seasons, I only added the 1st season names

Top Ten Ecchi Animeby Shumps

Anime that i have seen that are Ecchi

My Top 10 Ecchi/Harem Animeby MagikMilk

Top is my number 1 and goes down to 10 from there. To make this list it doesn't have to be both Ecchi and Harem, can be one or the other.

Fast-food animeby 8chi

Very cliché (and average) anime like 500 others! You know the drill, it's not really good but it's good enough for an evening and anyway you will predict the finale at episode 3. But since you don't have anything better to watch...

My Rankingby CAVE

My Personal Ranking. from what i've watched so far. including Sequels.