Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride

TV (12 eps)
2.953 of 5 from 2,879 votes
Rank #3,590

Half a year has passed since Muneakira and his busty, battle-savvy friends fought valiantly in a fierce battle, and now, Muneakira is returning to Yagyuu Dojo after embarking on a journey to train his skills. But little did the man expect that Yukimura, Jubei and the rest of the gang would have turned the dojo into a maid café! What's more, past foes have been resurrected, and they have their sights set on Jubei. With new girls – and animals – to make contracts with and action at every turn, life at Yagyuu Dojo is more exciting than ever.

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mahius's avatar by mahius on Mar 21, 2015
Score 4/10

After having finished the first season of this cringey ecchi harem, I decided to continue the drunk weekend with the sequel. With a name like Samurai Bride, I had certain high expectations of this sequel, hopes that it would improve on the original. I'd heard that his one was somehow worse than the original, so I'd find out for myself. I could only find a good version of this in Japanese, which I didn't want to... read more

kingofdemons's avatar by kingofdemons on Jan 7, 2016
Score 10/10

Story: it was better as it got in to more of the EP'S. loved what they did on the story and the ending give it more room to go up and up in a good way. Animation: same as the frist season nice job Sound: nice and great Characters: nice new cast love them and the new girls where very good and there power was out of this world crazy strong and fast. read more

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