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Hunter x Hunter

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Drawn to the mystique of the unknown, Hunters travel the world in search of terrifying creatures, incredible riches, and unexplored lands. Gon Freecss is a naive-yet-determined young boy who aspires to join the ranks of these individuals, in order to find his missing father Ging - a master of the profession himself. To reach his goal, he partakes in the formidable Hunter Exam, a series of tests that push the participants to their physical and mental limits, with a Hunter License as the prize. During the exam Gon befriends vengeful Kurapika, doctor-to-be Leorio, and skilled assassin Killua, who have entered for their own reasons. But with the sinister Hisoka standing in their way, will Gon and his friends be able to succeed in obtaining their reward, or even escaping with their lives?

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Hunter x Hunter OVA OVA 2002 TBD
Hunter x Hunter OVA 2: Greed Island OVA 2003 TBD
Hunter x Hunter OVA 3: Greed Island Final OVA 2004 TBD
Hunter x Hunter (2011) TV 2011 Remake
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related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Hunter x Hunter 1998 Original Manga
Name Role
Takayuki GOTO Character Design
Kazuhiro FURUHASHI Director
Toshihiko SAHASHI Music
Yoshihiro TOGASHI Original Manga Creator

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Hunter x Hunter tedik 8.5/10 Aug 11, 2006

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Hunter x Hunter warwiz 10/10 Oct 15, 2012
Hunter x Hunter Tactician 9/10 Apr 8, 2012
Hunter x Hunter Nero 8.5/10 Jan 9, 2011
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Watched Anime kaitokid1998 50 Apr 18, 2014
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Law of Ueki

Law of Ueki

There's an adage that one man's trash is another man's treasure; but for Kosuke Ueki, one man's trash is another man's... tree?! Junior high school teacher Mr. K is in the running for the title of Celestial King. Candidates must select a junior high school student to endow powers upon, and then the students might fight each other mercilessly. The victorious student's benefactor will become the new Celestial King! Kosuke was Mr. K's choice, and for his power, he chose the ability to turn trash into trees. Furthermore, if he uses his abilities to harm others, he will lose one of his natural talents. Now, Kosuke must battle a variety of other power users to help Mr. K win it all, all while keeping his talents intact!

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They have similar characters and plot. You get the same feeling from watching Law of Ueki as you do from watching Hunter X Hunter. :P


Both anime incorporate extremely varied fighting techniques, which produce very entertaining fights. Also, the main characters are both easily likable which is one of the most important things.

However, while Hunter X Hunter is more plot driven, Law of Ueki is all about the fights and gags.


Both Hunter x Hunter and Law of Ueki are about slightly simple people who just about always manage to pull through in the clutch and never give up no matter what. The series are both rather humourous, but not without a serious side.


The similarities in some of the battle scenes and skills gave me the impression that Law Ueki was the predecessor to Hunter X Hunter, but after a little research I learned that not only were they not directly related, Law of Ueki was made after the last Hunter OVA.

Although you would probably like Hunter X Hunter more than Law of Ueki, they are both worth watching.

Beet the Vandel Buster

Beet the Vandel Buster

In the present, mankind lives in an era named the Dark Century, a time filled with fear due to the actions of the Vandels. These domineering tormentors rule with an iron fist, bringing death and despair to mankind. But in the midst of the terror, there is one thing the Vandels fear: the Vandel Busters. Enter Beet, a young boy whose only dream is to grow up to be the greatest Buster of them all. Join our hero as he journeys to join the Zenon Warriors and destroy the Vandels. With the help of friends and a little luck, Beet might be able to put a stop to the Dark Century, once and for all!

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Both anime focus a lot on the concept of traveling and killing monsters, coming of age, and looking for a lost loved one, in one case a father and in another case...a father that the son doesn't realize is a father. The animation on both is really good, and the art styles are similar. In fact, it's really hard to like one of these and dislike the other, it's simply a matter of taste to see which one is better.


These shows are very similar in so many ways. As has already been described, both young boys are practically left as orphans and are left to grow and develop and become as successful as their parents.

Both Gon and Beet have a lot of untapped potential, and the series follows them as they begin to understand how strong they can be. They make a close group of nakama, who all have their own talents and grow in their own way.

If you want a show with lashings of action and battles, Beet and Hunter x Hunter give this aplenty. HxH is a little more serious, but the charm of Beet is it never takes itself too seriously.


If you liked Hunter X Hunter, you might also like Beet the Vandel Buster. I think animation style is very much a like, even tough story is very different from Hunter X Hunter but I liked the style a lot in both.

Beet and Gon both are special kids with big dreams and a special natural skill to make people help them. Well guess it is a bit strange too how similar both characters look.

Detective Academy Q

Detective Academy Q

Kyu has always been interested in solving mysteries. After assisting in a murder case, he earns the opportunity to take the entrance exam for the Dan Detective School (DDS), a famous detective school established by the equally famous detective, Dan Morihiko! DDS is trusted implicitly by the police and receives their absolute cooperation in all matters, and its students are often able to crack even the most difficult cases. Can Kyu, along with fellow classmates Megumi, Kintarou, Kazuma and Ryu, meet the demands of the school and the crimes that cross their paths?

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In many ways, HunterXHunter and Detective Academy Q share the same core elements: a boy, raised by his mother alone, discovers the existence of a special place of learning where his unique skills can be honed to perfection, and sets out to enroll at that school, against his mother's will. Along the way, he meets other like-minded individuals with a wide range of special skills -- and together, the motley band undergoes numerous adventures, facing them with ingenuity and bravery. The animation styles are even fairly similar.


The main characters of both these animes are very similar. Not only are Gon and Kyu very similar in their pure love of life, Killua and Ryu have many parallels drawn between them in character and circumstances. If you liked the characters of one, you will enjoy the other anime as well.


If you have enjoyed watching Detective Academy Q then you will inevitably like Hunter X Hunter. This is true for the other way around as well. The overall execution and mood of both series feel very similar. Both titles feature an adventuresome and curious main character of a young age. The main cast  reveal students and younger adults who each have their own unique or special abilities. What's more is that the two series focus on issues on hand. Soon the characters discover that there is a huge underlying criminal group - the real threat to their world. Hunter X Hunter is heavy on action and adventure, while Detective Academy Q can be just as engaging with its mystery and detective deductions!

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball

A mysterious monkey-tailed boy named Goku teams up with a teenage computer-wiz girl named Bulma to search for the mystic Dragon Balls. According to legend, whoever collects all 7 Dragon Balls will have any one wish granted. Join Goku in this hilarious anime masterpiece, as he races and battles to save the world from the forces of darkness. Who will find the balls first?

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Both series start almost the same. A young boy, incredibly strong for his age, without a father, kind hearted and a bit naive. Just like a replica they even look alike. They take off for a journey to get hunter license/Dragon balls. I wouldn't say about HxH that it's a show for kids but if you liked Dragon Ball and didn't find anything disturbing about it then you may as well try out HxH .


Altough the plot is farely different, the universe of DBZ and HxH are quite similar, Gon and Goku, the main characters also look alike in personality.


Gon and Goku are both gidted in fighting, making friends, and ignorantly innocent in many ways. They both make journeys to reach a goal and both enjoy fighting.

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Flame of Recca

Flame of Recca

Recca dreams of one day becoming an excellent ninja, but in this day and age ninjas are only talked about in history lessons. While playing his ninja games, he meets a mysterious woman that reveals to Recca his past, his bond with the powerful Hokage clan, and the special flame power that resides within him. Meanwhile, the evil Kurei has plans to gather the madougu from the Hokage clan so that he may take control over the elemental powers, but Recca is determined to master his flame and stop Kurei’s evil plans. Does he have what it takes to live up to his own expectations and put a stop to Kurei himself?

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The elemental weapons and a whole brew of different types of fighters are just a few likes I have to this anime. Flame of Recca is a favorite, but more than that, it has great character turmoil and struggles, which Hunter X Hunter has some really good ones as well. I want both of these series to be continued!! ^_^!!

Flame of Recca is really similiar to Hunter x Hunter. It got the same story of a boy trying to become a master and find his secret powers. This series has the same long battles and exciting secrets. I myself liked Hunter x Hunter abit better since it's more fun/prank based. But fo you who want abit more grown up fighting anime I definitly recommend this one ^^

The Celestial Tower tournament is quite similar to Ura Butou Satsujin from Flame of Recca. If you enjoyed seeing different characters with various powers set up against one another in the arena in Hunter x Huner, you will definitely fancy the same part of Flame of Recca.

As a bonus, you will have a glimpse of how the combat style of Hunters Association' president Netero could look like. We never get to see that in HxH, but Rekka no Honoo has a character called Genjuro who looks almost exactly like Netero-kaicho.