Hunter x Hunter (2011)


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forever and always my favesby M0M0I

my fave anime of all time

My All time Favourite Animeby 51aries

Just A Pile Of My Favourite Anime. Not My I Like A lot Anime, My FAVORITE Anime.

Would rewatchby aznlilpeace

This is just my personal list of anime that I can keep watching over and over again

Do obejrzeniaby szczurzyca

Tytuły które mnie zaciekawiły

Anime I Watched In 2016by PlatNim

All of the anime I watched/started in 2016 (second year). Does not include movies or OVAs/specials.

Anime I've Watched in 2017by jazzminecolleen

All the anime I've watched in 2017, including rewatches and anime that I've dropped. A small commentary on each one. Note: I DO NOT rate anime that I haven't watched all the way through (unless they are super long, then I'll add tentative ratings)...

Good animes, with endby Gwhert

Basically good animes, which stories have ended.

Anime in 4 Words (WIP)by HyakkiHikou

Anime: It's Joke! (and life-changing.)

Anime of the Season (2010-Now)by Atpx4869

I tried not to put multiple seasons of one anime (*cough* Haikyuu *cough*).