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Hunter x Hunter (2011)

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Drawn to the mystique of the unknown, Hunters travel the world in search of terrifying creatures, incredible riches, and unexplored lands. Gon Freecss is a naive-yet-determined young boy who aspires to join the ranks of these individuals, in order to find his missing father Ging - a master of the profession himself. To reach his goal, he partakes in the formidable Hunter Exam, a series of tests that push the participants to their physical and mental limits, with a Hunter License as the prize. During the exam Gon befriends vengeful Kurapika, doctor-to-be Leorio, and skilled assassin Killua, who have entered for their own reasons. But with the sinister Hisoka standing in their way, will Gon and his friends be able to succeed in obtaining their reward, or even escaping with their lives?

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Hunter x Hunter: Jump Super Anime Tour 1998 Other 1998 TBD
Hunter x Hunter TV 1999 Original
Hunter x Hunter OVA OVA 2002 Same Franchise
Hunter x Hunter OVA 2: Greed Island OVA 2003 Same Franchise
Hunter x Hunter OVA 3: Greed Island Final OVA 2004 Same Franchise
Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge Movie 2013 TBD
Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission Movie 2013 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Hunter x Hunter 1998 Original Manga
Name Role
Takahiro YOSHIMATSU Character Design
Hiroshi KOUJINA Director
Yoshihiro TOGASHI Original Manga Creator

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Hunter x Hunter (2011) roriconfan 7/10 Jul 11, 2012
Hunter x Hunter (2011) Amitha 7/10 Jun 25, 2012
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danio559 is watching Hunter x Hunter (2011) anime at 19 of ? episodes
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Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi was a normal middle school punk until he was hit and killed by a car, while saving a child. His selfless action earned him the right to gain his life back and serve as a detective of the spirit world, keeping the world of the living safe from a myriad of demons. But being reborn has its price: Yusuke must hatch a spirit beast that will develop according to his actions, and if he doesn't act in a good and honest manner, it will eat his soul. Can Yusuke protect the human and spirit worlds and still manage to save himself in the process?

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Yu Yu Hakusho. Hunter x Hunter. Both these shows were made by the same creator, Yoshihiro Togashi. Both shows are also great action/adventure shows and both have qualities that make them unique. While Yusuke, the protagonist in Yu Yu Hakusho is a badass delinquent Gon, the protagonist of Hunter x Hunter is a hardworking good-natured boy. Both protagonist show strong love and conpassion for the people they care about most. Both series also have 4 male leads. While Yu Yu Hakusho is about being a Spirit Detective and Hunter x Hunter is about being a Hunter both series highly focus on tournament like events and both series have the same "feel" to them if you have seen both. Overall, these two shows are a perfect compliment to each other and Yoshihiro Togashi really outdid himself in both of these works.


They both have the same feel. A main character who's fun-loving and carefree, but not afraid to take things up a notch and take risks when it's required. The supporting cast isn't just there to provide bulk, and are likable characters that add color to the cast.

Both shows were created by the same mangaka and both surpass expectations, making them enjoyable watches. If you liked one, you're almost positive to like the other.


yuyu hakusho is in many ways similer to hunter x hunter heck just look at kurapika and kurama. both yuyu hakusho and hunter x hunter have similer stories and characters.


Both animes were created by the same author and therefore holds a lot of similarities, like some of the characters are very alike.

While HxH has a better plot, they both contain great fights, loveable characters and a lot of comedy.

If you liked one, you'll like the other!


Both have a decent amount of episodes and are well structured into different but related seasons. They both center around a group of boys going on adventures and kicking the bad guys' butts. They contain comedy, but aren't centered around it and have some pretty intense fight scenes and challenges that sometimes last a while.

The only thing is that Yu Yu Hakusho is a bit more on the mature side as it has a lot more blood, gore, and death while just about no one dies in Hunter x Hunter.


For one thing, same original author, that guy is pure genius. i Wouldnt say they give the same feel, but i would say that The type of entertainment and awesomeness is th same from both animes. You see an awesome scene in one of them, there is going to be an equally as awesome scene in the other


They have so much stuff in common but one of the main differences is Hunter x Hunter (2011) has hunters while Yu Yu Hakusho is youkai world.

All of the MC are really similar , Gon and Yusuke have similar hairstyle and love to fight. Even their parents are same. Kurapika > Kurama , Hiei > Killua and Kuwabara > Leorio. But what would you expect when both titles are from same creator?

Lots of action , Tactics and both have tournament arcs.

Yu Yu Hakusho may have romance but Hunter x Hunter (2011) doesn't have any. Also both are heavely focused on friendship. HxH (2011) have less comedy than YYH.


I think their descriptions say enough I just feel that it's a good recommendation.The art styles may be a litle different but the story lines are both great and the series are longer which allows you to get to know the characters better and relate to them in some ways which I really enjoy.

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball

A mysterious monkey-tailed boy named Goku teams up with a teenage computer-wiz girl named Bulma to search for the mystic Dragon Balls. According to legend, whoever collects all 7 Dragon Balls will have any one wish granted. Join Goku in this hilarious anime masterpiece, as he races and battles to save the world from the forces of darkness. Who will find the balls first?

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Dargon Ball and Hunter x Hunter share similar themes to a previous recommendation I made to "Pokemon". Goku (Dragon Ball) and Gon (Hunter x Hunter) are both young men that set out on an adventure in search for action and the solution to a noble cause. In both anime, they meet friends and enemies along the way. Tons of characters and creatures to learn about and connect to as you watch either shounen anime.


Altough the plot is farely different, the universe of DBZ and HxH are quite similar, Gon and Goku, the main characters also look alike in personality.


Both are about naive, easy-going young boys who set out in the world to find something (DB = The Dragon Balls, HxH = Gon's father). Both have action, comedy and a great cast.


One of the things I look for in animes is the sense of adventure. Dragon Ball and Hunter x Hunter (1999 & 2011) both got me sensing this in every episode.

Beyond that I believe Gon and young Goku have many many simularities. They will make you lol and their bumbkin manerisms and eternal optimism will endear them to you instantly.

Hunter x Hunter (2011) is my favorite shonen anime ever watched, by far. And Goku, from Dragon Ball, is arguably the best young shonen character. At the moment he is setting the bar imo.   

Give it a watch, it won't disapoint.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The foundation of alchemy is based on the law of equivalent exchange; you cannot produce something from nothing. As such, alchemy is bound by one taboo - human transmutation. Four years ago two young brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, broke this taboo when they tried to resurrect their dead mother. During the process Al's body disintegrated and Ed lost his leg. In a desperate attempt to prevent his brother from disappearing completely, Ed sacrificed one of his arms so he could affix Al's soul to a suit of armor. When his missing limbs are replaced by auto mail parts, Ed bears the name of the Fullmetal Alchemist - the youngest ever State Alchemist and dog of the military. Now, alongside his brother, Ed uses his status within the military to attempt to find any way that he can return their bodies back to their original state.

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I can't help it but find these two very similar , both are remakes and full of tactics. 

Even both mc has difficult relationship with their father and are really awesome action shounen.

Though FMA:B focuses more on storyline but Hunter x Hunter (2011) instead has more action & more friendship oriented.


I really like both a lot, so you might to!Both animes are full of advantures and cool powers, so just try them out! (thought the firts episodes are just a warming up, plaese keep that in mind (: ) 

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In a sand-swept land of caravans, brigands and adventurers, legends tell of the ominous dungeon towers that suddenly appeared 14 years ago. It's said that by clearing one of these prisons, you can obtain treasure beyond your wildest dreams, and even form a contract with magical genies of immense power - assuming you make it out alive. In this world, Alibaba is a young rogue who wants nothing more than to get rich by clearing all of the world's dungeons, starting with the nearby tower Amon; Aladdin is a curious young boy with a magical flute and a hidden ability; and Morgiana is a slave who can't escape her chains. As their fates intertwine, the three find themselves wandering the land, battling powerful enemies, and taking a stand against powerful forces that seek to corrupt the weak and innocent.

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If you liked Magi or Hunter x Hunter, you'd like the other. Both series have a group of characters who go on an adventure filled with strange sights. One major similarity between the series are the naive main characters (Aladdin and Gon, respectively), whom see the world from a diffferent perspective. Both series have a charm to them that will make you smile throughout, yet will also have darker moments that are unexpected. 


Both Gon and Alladin share very similar traits, and they impact the people around them with their naivety and strong will.

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Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Over a century ago, mankind was devoured by giant beings of unknown intelligence and origin known as Titans – creatures that eat humans alive indiscriminately and for no apparent reason. The remaining population has managed to survive the last hundred years only by building a multi-walled city capable of keeping the Titans at bay, training military recruits to patrol the perimeter and gather intelligence about their mysterious foe. Eren and Mikasa have lived a relatively peaceful life behind the city's walls, but when a massive Titan appears, smashing the outer barrier and unleashing a wave of terror, their lives are brutally changed forever...

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Shingeki no Kyojin is focusing on titans eating humans and they do this for no known reason. And even though most of hunter x hunter dosen't have people getting eaten I still think the current arc (Chimera Ant Arc) in Hunter x Hunter is similar because of how dark it is. People are getting eaten and killed, It has the same feeling of hopelessness especially later in the arc and it's just way darker than most shounens.. They are not afraid to go more mature and use more matures themes

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