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Hunter x Hunter

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Drawn to the mystique of the unknown, Hunters travel the world in search of terrifying creatures, incredible riches, and unexplored lands. Gon Freecss is a naive-yet-determined young boy who aspires to join the ranks of these individuals, in order to find his missing father Ging - a master of the profession himself. To reach his goal, he partakes in the formidable Hunter Exam, a series of tests that push the participants to their physical and mental limits, with a Hunter License as the prize. During the exam Gon befriends vengeful Kurapika, doctor-to-be Leorio, and skilled assassin Killua, who have entered for their own reasons. But with the sinister Hisoka standing in their way, will Gon and his friends be able to succeed in obtaining their reward, or even escaping with their lives?

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related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Hunter x Hunter 1998 Original Manga
Name Role
Takayuki GOTO Character Design
Kazuhiro FURUHASHI Director
Toshihiko SAHASHI Music
Yoshihiro TOGASHI Original Manga Creator

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Hunter x Hunter warwiz 10/10 Oct 15, 2012
Hunter x Hunter Tactician 9/10 Apr 8, 2012
Hunter x Hunter Nero 8.5/10 Jan 9, 2011
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Naruto Uzumaki is a young ninja who bears a great power hidden inside him, a power that has isolated him from the rest of his village. As such, his only dream is to become the Hokage - the most powerful ninja, and leader of the village; but first he needs to graduate! With his inability to perform even the most basic ninja techniques, it seems that all Naruto has going for him is his determination to succeed no matter what. Teamed up with the genius Sasuke, book-smart Sakura, and their team leader Kakashi, Naruto embarks on his quest to become the Hokage. But with outside forces posing a threat to the entire Hidden Leaf village, Naruto discovers that he must become much stronger if he ever wants to realize his dream and protect the friendships he's forged.


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though the premise of shinobi villages and hunter society differs, much of the rest of these is surprisingly similar, and i think you will get a very similar feel from these two. From the spiky headed main character, to the frequent battles against strong odds... the animation styles are not quite the same, with naruto feeling very polished and clean, and hxh a bit grittier, but this is a nice contrast, and makes it worth watching both.
Both of these series follow adolescents. The main characters both follow a set goal where each is trying to prove something to someone. The character development is superb and goes into exquisite detail for everyone. Both series have specific powers or abilities that each character maintains. Action scenes are also extremely intense and well animated.
Young boy goes after his dream, makes some interesting friends and has to fight a lot in order to achieve his goal. The plot might not seem too original, but that doesn't mean it can't be done well. Nice fights, well portrayed charachters, and some nice drama are the trademarks of "Hunter X Hunter" as well as "Naruto".

First of all, Gon and Naruto have the same seiyuu; that is important.

Both of the main characters, Gon and Naruto, are rather stupid young men who strive for an almost unattainable goal. They are both optimistic, naive and carefree, but sometimes unexpectedly deep and focused. They want to live their own way with their own rules instead of conforming themselves to the masses. They both have an 'evil' best friend that they do not give up on no matter what.

If you like endlessly long action anime with lots of special moves, these anime are for you.


Hunter x Hunter is a very good anime; it has action, fun, and much more. The same can be said for Naruto: it has a very funny and good story about Naruto's lilfe. If you like Hunter X Hunter, don't miss the chance to see Naruto. They're both really good anime!


If you enjoyed the adventure and action in Hunter x Hunter, you'll enjoy Naruto's chunk of action. The main characters are similar in their viewpoints on life, and personality (same voice actor too!). They both have cool 'examination periods' and a set of truly unique characters. Naruto has more engaging battle scenes and they put much more effort into the characters.


Both anime have a similiar feel to them. They are both comming of age type anime that take you through the growth and development of the main and supporting characters. Also, both anime make use of special character techniques that yield many interesting fights.

However, while Naruto takes the lighter approach, Hunter X Hunter is more on the dark side. And while both are fun to watch, Hunter X Hunter is more plot driven. Even after watching all of the TV series and the 3 OVA series, you'll still be yearning for more.


Hunter X Hunter has a similar story and feel to Naruto. Both involve the training of the protagonist and the team formed that supports him, though they initially are much better than him in many skills. Both of the main characters in Hunter X Hunter and Naruto possess incredible endurance and great strength as their greatest assets, and will never give up. Both animes are good although Naruto slows down after a while. The manga of Hunter X Hunter is better than the anime.


If you liked Hunter X Hunter and want something very similar, then you might want to check out Naruto. However, while the former has the weaker animation of the two, the latter has a watered-down plot, cliche characters, and horrendous pacing that will leave you exasperated less than half-way through. But if you can manage to move past that, then this series might be for you.


Naruto, like HxH, is another long-running anime which uses a fun fighting style and a pretty good story to keep one's attention. Naruto has a few longish filler arcs, though if you skip those these two anime are fairly similar.


This recommendation is based on a gut feeling. Both Naruto and HxH are hilarious, but also have some serious episodes. Above all, both share incredibly exciting fights. Besides that, both main characters are performed by the same voice actor.


Both anime are about young boys who want to achive something - one wants to become Hokage, while the other wants to gain the title of Hunter. Watching these shows you'll get the feeling that the main characters are almost the same - they're cheerful, friendly and a little dumb ;)


Naruto and Hunter x Hunter both follow a stubborn young boy striving to achieve a goal which leads them through numerous trials and perils. While Naruto longs to be recognised by his village as Hokage (strongest ninja), Gon aims to become a top hunter in order to meet his father.

Both of these anime have a similar feel and theme to it with both serious and comedic moments including an examination to proove one's worth, and periods of training. However, while Naruto has better storyline development and animation, HxH has no fillers and definitely holds your interest. If you enjoyed one, you can almost definitely be guaranteed to enjoy the other


The story in both of these are extremely well done. Animation style is different, but doesn't make that much of a difference. Sadly Hunter X Hunter was ended as an animation, but Naruto juse keeps going as a worldwide phenominon. If you liked Hunter X Hunter, and wished it was longer, Naruto is for you.


Both have the "never give up, try your hardest, reach for your dreams" theme. Both are also about a young kid who tries to overcome the odds and become what they dream to be no matter how impossible it seems.


I am watching both of these series with my son. I find them both to be age appropriate for 8-12 years with a plot line and enough action to satisfy my tastes for such anime as Black Lagoon that I won't let him watch yet. These series are sophisticated enough to keep your interest. Later episodes of Hunter X Hunter as well as Naruto may not be appropriate for the younger viewers. I prescreened and fast forwarded through some of the more intense scenes found in both series.


Both series are about young up-and-comers in their own feilds, who want to become the best and catelog the story of an "underdog" throughout the series.


These shows have so many similarities that it would take too long to list them here. But some of them are that they have similar characters, exams, occupations, fighting techniques, backstories and story structure.


Both animes go through the same objective, where the two main characters are fighting for their goal with all his strength. We see a similar style, whether in fighting techniques as in the backstory. The fights are intense. Naruto is a story of ninjas in action, while Hunter x Hunter is more real, but both good stories worthy of being seen.


Each series on about a young that is trying to make something of him self. On their journey they make meet new friends and teachers which they train under. Both heros are also very nice people who love their friends!

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Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi was a normal middle school punk until he was hit and killed by a car, while saving a child. His selfless action earned him the right to gain his life back and serve as a detective of the spirit world, keeping the world of the living safe from a myriad of demons. But being reborn has its price: Yusuke must hatch a spirit beast that will develop according to his actions, and if he doesn't act in a good and honest manner, it will eat his soul. Can Yusuke protect the human and spirit worlds and still manage to save himself in the process?

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Why do I think you would like Yu Yu Hakusho if you liked Hunter X Hunter? That's easy! Both series are funny and have the same kind of story, though not entirely.

Yu Yu Hakusho is full of action, friendship and a little love. So why not just watch Yu Yu Hakusho after Hunter X Hunter? I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. ;)


Yu Yu Hakusho doesn't have a good story like Hunter X Hunter does, meaning that this recommendation is more aimed at those who loved the fighting in Hunter X Hunter. YYH does use quite a similar fighting system after all.


Both series were created by the same author, Yoshihiro Togashi. Both with somewhat similar characters. But, Yu Yu Hakusho actually is based a little more on the real world compared to a fictional one. The characters are also interesting to a degree, possibly more than of those of Hunter X Hunter.


By the same person. Both share similar action elements and trials for the characters. If you like Hunter X Hunter I'd say theres a good chance you'd like Yu Yu Hakusho.


Those anime are similar in some aspects. Both are counting a very high amount of combats and funny situations. The heroes are using supernaturals power to defeat their enemies, like Dragon Ball, but not so exagerated. So if you like this type of anime you have to watch both of those series.


Both series were done by the same mangaka and even though the plots don't have much in common they do share some important features. The most prominent similiarity is the strong character development, including supporting charaters. Each character has a well developed and interesting background that is explained in an interesting and meaningful way. In addition, the fighting scenes are similiar because the special powers can vary so much that nobody fights quite like another person. You get to see some incredible fights that utilize interesting techniques.


Although Hunter X Hunter is a much simpler story, both of these shows have a good plot, interesting characters, and a nice mix of action, humor, and character development.


Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter go well together; though the former concentrates more on tournaments than the latter. Both contain variety in the small main cast while boasting many strong supporting characters to help move the plot. The stories are varied enough so each doesn't feel recylcled from the other: it's an easy choice to consider these two series together.


Both animes were created by the same author and therefore holds a lot of similarities, like some of the characters are very alike.

While HxH has a better plot, they both contain great fights, loveable characters and a lot of comedy.

If you liked one, you'll like the other!


They are both made by the same mangaka, and chances are that you'll find yourself loving the same things you liked about one series in the other. One of these things are the moments of psychological suspense you won't find in your typical shounens. 


Fans with a keen eye, or access to Wikipedia might notice that these two series were created by the same guy, Yoshihiro Togashi

Get Backers

Get Backers

Ban Midou and Ginji Amano are the Get Backers. With a 99 percent success rate in returning lost or stolen property to its original owners, they will do anything for the right price. Midou and Ginji often get hired for seemingly ordinary jobs that turn out to be more difficult than they appear; and whether it’s finding a doll for a girl, retrieving a stolen rare violin or getting mixed up with the mob, they have many adventures with plenty of petty squabbles along the way!

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Ginji is a straightforward (sometimeskind of stupid) person like Gon, while Mido's personality is not that unlike Kilua's. Also they have powers which don't have to hide behind HxH's nen. Makes for some really great fights...
The two main characters of both series are similiar on personality. Both series have similiar fighting styles and their quest require fighting. They both have some really funny parts and some serious parts. Get Backers is a little bit more serious due to the characters being older and the atmosphere of their quests makes it seem deadlier too.
I think that you will find the same feel from the quests performed byt the getbackers and the hunters. The fighting styles seen are also reminiscent of each other, and make these good complements additionally spiky hair abounds :)

While they initially seem quite different, Hunter x Hunter and GetBackers actually have quite a bit in common. For one thing, they both have large casts of main and supporting characters that come and go throughout the series. On top of that, many of the story arcs between the two seem to have the same atmosphere. They both combine comedy, action and suspense, and while they both can get serious, they also retain their lightheartedness for the most part.

If you like the sense of adventure or character development and interaction in one series, you would definitely be somewhat endeared to the other.


Both Get Backers and Hunter X Hunter are not your traditional basic shounen anime. On top of all of the neat powers and lots of fights, they both have a solid storyline.


Watching Get Backers, the show just reminded me of Hunter x Hunter. I think most of this is because of the impressions the characters left me with. Each show features people who possess skills beyond what most people are capable of. The personalities of the main characters show some similarities with one being happy-go-lucky (Ginji/Gon) and the other being more down-to-earth and serious (Ban/Killua), and other counterparts in supporting characters can be found as well. While Get Backers tends to have shorter standalone adventures, some of their longer story arcs have the same feel as those in Hunter x Hunter.


Two best friends working together, extraordinary powers, comedy, and great story lines.

Ginji had a similar mentality to Gon as Ban has one with Killua.

Only difference is Get Backers are older and sometimes have adult things.

One Piece

One Piece
  • TV (640+ eps)
  • 1999 - ?

Long ago the infamous Gol D. Roger was the strongest and most powerful pirate on the seas. As he was about to be executed he revealed that he hid all of his wealth, including the legendary treasure known as One Piece, on an island at the end of the Grand Line - a treacherous and truly unpredictable sea. Monkey D. Luffy is a spirited, energetic and somewhat dim-witted young man with a very big dream: to find One Piece and become the Pirate King! However Luffy is no ordinary boy, as when he was younger he ate one of the Devil's Fruits and gained its power to become a Rubber Man. Now in this grand age of pirates Luffy sets out to gather a crew and sail to the most dangerous sea in the world so that he can fulfill his dream... and maybe even his appetite!

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One Piece and Hunter X Hunter share the same depth of story with similar elements -- action, adventure, comedy -- ranging from light-hearted fun to gripping drama. Both series starts out with the main character gathering friends, and throughout the series the interaction between characters shows the depth of friendship they have. Both series have the same grand, epic adventure premise (Luffy to become the Pirate King, Gon to become a Hunter). Along the way they'll meet up with tough opponents, and through each challenge they become stronger Both series are easy to follow, but Hunter X Hunter is the more action-packed of the two.


One Piece and Hunter X Hunter are shounen anime where a strong character works towards his lifetime goal, growing along the way. Both have a long story that is sometimes interrupted for some fun ass kicking.


The protagonists in both series are very similar in moral and in heart. One Piece's Luffy and Hunter x Hunter's Gon both possess a natural simplicity that dictates their actions and outlook on life. They are both doers, keeping the big picture always in sight. Morally and ethically, both Gon and Luffy are one and the same. The drawing factor for many fans of these two series is the likeability of their main characters; both protagonists are enviably righteous and true, characteristics of which good people strive to achieve everyday. Fans of either one will undoubtedly find the enjoyment of the other.


The first thing to hit me about HxH was the similarity between Gon and Luffy. The two main male leads come across as very simple people who ask very little of life, but dedicate themselves to their friends and nakama.

The formula between HxH and One Piece is very similar - a band of seemingly unlikely heroes fighting against the odds towards their ultimate goal. They both blend together action, adventure and comedy and fans of one will definitely enjoy the other.


It's clear that One Piece's Luffy and Hunter X Hunter's Gon have many similarities. They are both simple minded and are extremely powerful when mad. Both of these anime series focus on epic battles and kept me wanting more. One Piece has been my favorite anime for quite some time without a rival. Hunter X Hunter stepped up to the plate and finally gave me a rival for my first choice. If you liked one you will for sure like the other, trust me.

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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

Shirahama "weak legs" Kenichi is a typical high school student with typical problems: he's frequently bullied and tends to run away in the face of his enemies. Things change when Kenichi meets Furinji Miu, whose grandfather runs a dojo; and not knowing what he's getting himself into, he signs up to become a disciple. As Kenichi's life-threatening training continues and he becomes more and more powerful, he inadvertently becomes the target of the deadly gang called Ragnarok. With mental and physical challenges ahead, can Kenichi survive his encounters with Ragnarok, or will the masters of his dojo get to him first?

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Both Kenichi and HxH are about boys that are trying to follow their path in life. They often find themselves in fights, but continue to train and improve. Unlike their opponents they have strong moral values that affect and befriend those around them. Frequently they persevere through sheer determination.


While there are some serious differences between these shows, they share the same balance of comedy, great action and character development. They also both have story arcs with clear endings so that there isn't an abrupt interruption when the anime is over. They leave you wanting more.


Hunter x Hunter and Kenichi are similar primarily when it comes to the focus on martial arts and fighting power. Other than that, they are quite different but if you liked one you should try watching the other because they both have great fight scenes and training sequences that lead up to progressively harder battles.


Kenichi, Gon, and Killua all work towards a goal that they must fight and train for. Gon and Kenichi manage to make friends with almost everyone even those they fight with.

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