Humanity Has Declined

Alt title: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

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Sunday Without God

Sunday Without God

God forsook the world on a Sunday, leaving mankind unable to stop living - even long after they've died. The sole hope left for humanity comes in the form of gravekeepers; only a burial by one of these chosen few will allow the deceased to finally rest in peace. Ai is a young girl who serves as gravekeeper for her sleepy village, taking over the job after her mother’s death five years ago. However the tranquility is shattered when Ai returns from digging graves to find that everyone in town has been slaughtered, and the culprit is a young man going by the same name as her long-lost father: Hampnie Hambart. Forced to lay to rest everyone she's ever known, Ai must now forge her own path into the unfamiliar world in search of answers.

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Nocturnalgloria Nocturnalgloria says...

In both anime humanity is on the decline, the great majority of the population had died in a pre-narrative cataclysm and what little remains of the human race will probably not last much longer. Despite such a hopeless premise these shows look absolutely beautiful with lush landscapes strewn with ruins.

With that said, Jinrui is for the most part lighthearted and self-consciously sarcast while Kamisama has plenty of tragedy. But few anime have ever managed to make the end of civilization look so breathtakingly stunning.

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Sasami is a lazy hikikomori who'd rather be playing video games and sleeping than being a productive member of society, especially with a doting brother who waits on her hand and foot. But there's more than Sasami and her family than meet the eye – in reality, they are connected to the goddess Amaterasu and mysterious 'alterations' that occasionally change and threaten the world. With the help of three sisters, Sasami slowly tackles day to day challenges and puts a stop to alterations – and monsters – when they appear.

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warl0ckrock warl0ckrock says...

Both are comedic animes with a very different way of doing things than normal. Both with girls who are involved with some type of spirit. (Fairys in Humanity has Declined, and Shinto Gods in Sasami-san). They are both very colorful and feature unique animation styles. The humour in both animes is of a more unique variety than the average anime. Sasami-san has more serious moments, and than Humanity Has Declined. But both are mostly comedies.