Human Zoo

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Often human behavior is little better than that of animals. Men act like mere obedient dogs to their spouses, lone males howl like wild beasts, and wives feel the need to keep their husbands in check with a broom beating.

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AironNeil Mar 11, 2014
Score 9.6/10

Don’t listen to the other two reviewers; Human Zoo is a work of high art. Don’t let their narrow minds block you from beholding this life changing masterpiece! Story So in Human Zoo, we have five unnamed couples – this is one of the first things this movie does right since naming these characters would only get in the way of the central plot – that all have some domestic problems. With... read more

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Thrawn Sep 23, 2011
Score 0.5/10

Story: Men getting abused by their wives by sitting on them, sticking them in their cleavage, kicking them, smacking their ass with brooms and all sorts of crap for 2 minutes. Yay? Animation: Looks like scribbles. Marker scribbles. It remains consistently ugly for a 60s animated short. Sound: Just like the animation, it's consistent. Absolute crap and annoying, but consistently ass. Characters: Ha! Men get... read more


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