Howl's Moving Castle

Movie (1 ep x 118 min)
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The responsible Sophie led a relatively normal life, safe within the walls of the hat shop in which she works; for outside, it is rumored, the evil wizard Howl roams the land in his mobile black castle. After a chance and mystical encounter, poor Sophie finds herself transformed by a spell which makes her appear to be an old woman, and thus embarks on an adventure to find Howl’s castle and put an end to her curse. A mystical world of talking flames, sentient scarecrows and magic aplenty awaits those who seek the legendary Howl...

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boombox's avatar by boombox on Feb 12, 2011
Score: 10/10

I absolutely love love LOVE this movie, it's my favourite Studio Ghibli movie of all time. The story is so immersive; you are in Sophie's life, you see her perspective and hear her thoughts. Each of the characters are so intriguing and entertaining, especially Calcifer, Howl's rather outspoken fire demon, "She likes my SPARRRRRK!". The animation is so beautifully done, the art work is fantastic... read more

thesonicfan21's avatar by thesonicfan21 on Jul 25, 2010
Score: 10/10

Howl's Moving Castle is a GREAT movie about a young orphan named Sophie, she works at a hat shop in which she encounters a wizard named Howl. As they each show each other their friendship, Sophie comes across Lettie as Cesari's and walks back into the hat shop and gets hit by the witch of the waste. When she turns old, she decides to run away from home and come upon a scarecrow named "Turnip Head". In... read more

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