Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi

Alt title: A Bridge to the Starry Skies

TV (12 eps)
3.289 of 5 from 6,631 votes
Rank #2,670

Kazuma and his little brother Ayumu have arrived at the countryside, eager to begin a new life at the Yorozuyo Inn – a place that Kazuma once visited as a child. There's fresh air, running water and relaxation – a perfect place for the sickly Ayumu to recover. But the pair's arrival is anything but uneventful, what with getting lost, Kazuma meeting and accidentally kissing the lovely Ui in the woods, and enraging her protective friend Ibuki in the process! Now, with a less than ideal first impression on his new classmates and more beautiful women popping up around him each day, Kazuma certainly has his hands full with misunderstandings and budding romances!

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  • PV 1 image

    Episode 0

    PV 1

  • If That Were A Bear, It'd All Be Over image

    Episode 1

    If That Were A Bear, It'd All Be Over

  • It Shouldn't Taste Like Cheese image

    Episode 2

    It Shouldn't Taste Like Cheese

  • Acorns Hurt More than You Think image

    Episode 3

    Acorns Hurt More than You Think

  • Met with a bear and had a chat image

    Episode 4

    Met with a bear and had a chat

  • Red Bean Soup And Eel And Wedding Dress image

    Episode 5

    Red Bean Soup And Eel And Wedding Dress

  • When the Bucket Drops image

    Episode 6

    When the Bucket Drops

  • The Pink Nyanbobo image

    Episode 7

    The Pink Nyanbobo

  • Butt in with OO (blank)! image

    Episode 8

    Butt in with OO (blank)!

  • Yellow Jackets Are Diuranal image

    Episode 9

    Yellow Jackets Are Diuranal

  • A Ring, Floating... image

    Episode 10

    A Ring, Floating...

  • Wet From The Rain image

    Episode 11

    Wet From The Rain

  • A Starry Bridge in the Night Sky image

    Episode 12

    A Starry Bridge in the Night Sky

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RoBorg's avatar by RoBorg on Apr 23, 2012
Score 7/10

I can't say it's an exceptional anime, or at least not if compared to other romance anime that can be found out there.
It does, however, hold some good points which make it in fact appreciable. Story - 6/10
For a quick and spoil-free plot, the story begins with Kazuma and his little brother, Ayumu, who transfer in this new town and soon a group of the most disparate girls takes form around them.
On... read more

Bloomster's avatar by Bloomster on Jul 13, 2016
Score 9.3/10

My anime reviews are always simple, short and straight-forward and is 100% spoilers-free.

Genres: Harem, Romance, Seinen.

Additional Info: You thought all harem animes ends the same? Well, think again, boy.

Ending Rating: 90%

Short Review: The anime is exceptionally good. The character progression, plot, romance were all done good pretty well in the anime. This is a hidden gem and... read more

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