Alt titles: Sunflower!

TV (13 eps)
2.504 out of 5 from 1,717 votes
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Years ago Hinata Himawari was saved from an airplane by a male ninja with a tattoo on his neck, and she’s wanted to become a ninja ever since. In the present, Himawari has been accepted into the secret ninja school for girls, Shinobi Gakuen; but upon her arrival she finds much more than she was expecting: Marikoji Hayato, the school newest teacher who has a tattoo just like her benefactor! Himawari decides to claim him as her master and vows to train her hardest to become a ninja worthy of his praise, but both Hayato and she face a great deal of skepticism from the students and staff. Regardless, Himawari is determined to be the best ninja she can be, and Hayato is determined to pay off his debt!

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Peyton's avatar by Peyton on Feb 13, 2013
Score: 3.7/10

Story: Not very good. I did not watch all the episodes but I have friends who did they tell me it did not get much better than what I saw. The story of Himawari has very good potential (and though i try to avoid saying that most of the time this time it is warranted). The  problem was the show took the wrong direction with what it had, They went for a light comedy and though i love that genre if they had... read more

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