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Hikari no Densetsu

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2.603 out of 5 from 169 votes
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Hikari Uenaga is a member of Aiko Middle School's gymnastics team, and aspires to be a legendary contender in the world of rhythmic gymnastics like her idol, Diliana Gueorguiva. But the road to being a champion is fraught with difficulty, and only the strong survive. Using her inner strength and the support of love interest Oiishi and childhood-friend-turned-delinquent Mao, Hikari will tackle love triangles, intense competition with her teammates and peers and her own feelings as she aims for the gold.

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Name Role
Michitaka KIKUCHI Character Design
Toyoko HASHIMOTO Character Design
Tomomi MOCHIZUKI Director
Izumi ASOU Original Manga Creator

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Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Hikari no Densetsu VivisQueen 6.5/10 Sep 1, 2008

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Kaleido Star is about Sora Naigino who strives to be a top entertainer on the Kaleido Stage. She looks up to Layla Hamilton, and strives to be just like her. She must face many physically and emotionally draining stage routines. 

Hikari No Densetsu is about Hikari who yearns to enter a world youth championship for gymnastics. There is more of a love element in it with Hikari's childhood friend, Natsukawa vying for her love. And, Hikari vying for her crush, Ohishi.

Both these series are about girls who hope to acheive their ultimate dream with many challenges along the way.

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